I Work Out

Well friends, it’s Friday! I personally will be SO happy when this week is behind me. It has been a tad (I cried 3 out of the last 6 days) bit stressful. The kids don’t have school AGAIN today because it’s a snow day! Now mind you, they have had 5 snow days since January first. They also had last Friday off for teacher in service AND this last Monday for MLK Day. There is not enough paper and glue for this I tell you!!!!!

All the stress has lead me to channel it out via exercise. In fact, I have killed it in the gym/my basement this week. I have been using every resource available and have been burning close to 500 calories every day. I’m starting to really notice my body change and although I’ve lost 4 lbs this year (no diets, just better choices all around), I feel very tight and compact! I’m so glad that I have been losing my pound a week by eating good real foods and sweating.

My sister has also been working out with me and she’s been doing a great job of chugging along her days with sore everything! Keep it up lady! However, last night she said something to me that really resonated with me while we were working out. Now a little info for you, I had been doing some pretty intense workouts this week as well as getting in my miles on the treadmill… my sister said to me “Sorry, this probably isn’t a very good workout”. She meant it in terms of intensity and it was while we were doing a modified “Walk Away The Pounds” workout. I said to her in return… A WORKOUT IS WHATEVER YOU MAKE OF IT!!!!!!!

Can we remember that please? Whether a crossfit style workout, a beginner walking workout, running at one speed for any length of time… it isn’t the workout itself that makes it successful, but that person doing it. Workouts challenge us physically, but also mentally and emotionally. For some, workouts are even about the spiritual. Allow your workouts to be everything YOU need them to be for you. And don’t be afraid to modify them if they are too hard o too easy. That is what’s so wonderful about hand weight… the intensify things without going over bored.

I wanted to share with you a few workouts that I have found on youtube to be great “fillers” as well as great for anyone, beginner to advance. When doing any videos, I highly suggest that you modify if need by doing some or all of the following: squat and lunge deeper, squeeze in extra reps of exercises, use hand weights to intensity, and include body parts that aren’t being used other wise -for instance, you can hold 2 lb. weights in each hand and do shoulder presses, a chest fly and so on. These little modifications will not only boost your heart rate but also incorporate more muscle which means a higher calorie burn.

A dance video that really get’s your heart rate up!

Do you remember the episode of Friends that Monica got her identity stolen? In it, the girls go to a dance class to try and find the imposter… and Phoebe is convinced she is dance right on with the choreography however most definitely is not. I’m 100% positive that is exactly how I looked while doing this video. But it was soooooo fun, I just wouldn’t stop.

A walk that can be whatever you make of it!

This video is definitely an example of a short 20 min. workout that can be intensified by adding some squats to the mix as well as hand weights. I burned 154 calories in just under 20 minutes!

Another great walk, however longer which is great for days you absolutely can’t make it to the gym.

Now for some workouts from me!

BUtt Busting WOrkout 2

This is intense but I promise if you stick with it, you will be so happy!

the 100

This is my new baby… you go through and do each set with either 20 or 25 reps. If you choose 20 reps, then you complete the circuit 5 times, and if you do 25 reps, then you complete it 4 times. The key is that you are not to stop the entire time. No water breaks, bathroom breaks or anything else. This will getting you sweating, complaining and much more and the next day you will be madly in love with it.

That’s it for me (Leah) today friends! I hope you have a great weekend, and don’t forget to check back in tomorrow for a another great story about health and fitness and how it has effected yet another life!


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