Sleepless In Chicago

Love-Yourself-MoreHey guys, Sarah here! So, it’s 1:44am and I am sitting in my empty bathtub trying not to wake my sleeping husband and baby. I can’t sleep. I have too much on my mind. In two days, it marks week four of my weight loss journey. See, me and some family members are challenging each other to see who can lose the most Body Weight Percentage in 6mo, and although 6months is a very long time, it always gets hard for me at the end of week three- going into week four.

In three weeks, I have lost 7.5lbs so far, which I’m sure is mostly water weight because I haven’t been working out. The first two weeks I lost 7lbs, this past week is where I only lost a half of a pound. For some strange reason I’m feeling discouraged about this past week. How could I only have lost a half of a pound? Then I think to myself, “Why the heck are you discouraged? In three weeks I lost 7.5lbs! That’s a miracle!” I haven’t dieted or starved myself. I’ve just been adding fresh juices every morning that consist of mostly vegetables. I feel like the juices  have started to change my taste buds or something, because I’m not constantly and ravenously hungry. I mean, I usually craaaave carbs and sugar around week four, but I’m not right now. Right now, I’m feeling discouraged about this puny .5 lbs lost. So I think to myself, how can I take my weight loss to the next level?

Do you ever feel like, “I’m trying so hard and I only lost a pound. Why am I doing this, it’s not worth it.” I use to equate happiness with the food I ate. I mean, to me, a good night was having my husband home, curling up on the couch with him, having a movie marathon, while sharing a pizza and breadsticks. I had to change my thinking though. I was right about the fact that Food is directly related to happiness, and I knew this because when I would eat 2 pieces of pizza, I would feel happy… at first. Research shows that carbs are directly related to feelings of euphoria, because of a rush of sugar that goes straight from your mouth to your blood stream. Then, you suddenly have a downward crash, which makes you feel completely depressed, regretful, and sleepy. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

I heard someone once say that it was possible to re-train your taste buds by adding a lot of vegetables into your diet. So that’s currently what I’m trying to do. How do you take yourself to the next level without becoming obsessive? If I’ve learned anything from past experiences, it’s that my obsessive behavior can only last so long and then I’m TIRED and I’m right back into my old habits. I think you just have to learn to be happy with the progress you’ve made up to this day, because you never know what tomorrow holds. Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow. Think about right now. Choose to make a good choice right now, and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Live in the NOW and be happy about yourself, even if you have a problem with never following through. When you need a pep talk, sometimes YOU have to be your biggest fan. Look yourself in the mirror and speak life over yourself- “I am beautiful. I am strong. I can do this. I can follow through. I am pretty. I am worth it.” Lavish yourself with kind words today and learn how to love yourself.

I hope you have a great week and I’m praying for restful sleep, energy, hope, and conviction to hit your hearts this week to make a step in the right direction, no matter what you’re going through! And by the way, I should take my own advice.. I wrote this post on Saturday night, and when I woke up Monday morning for my weigh in, I was correct when I said, “you never know what tomorrow holds,” because when I got on the scale, I ended losing another 2 lbs for a total of 9.5 lbs lost in three weeks. Whoa. See what changing just a little bit of your diet can do? My body was literally starving for nutrients. Sorry, body!!

Do you need an encouragement buddy? Sometimes our loved ones just can’t encourage us the way that we NEED to be encouraged for success. I want to help. Please write me and let me know how I can help support you in your weight loss journey.

Just for fun, here are my two favorite juice recipes that will help you with:

bloating, swelling, joint pain, and water retention:

*These recipes are for a JUICER, not blender
*I soak all vegetables in 1:3 ratio of vinegar to water for 15 min

Sarah’s Water Retention Buster Recipe
4 stalks of celery washed
1 cucumber peeled
1 organic Granny Smith apple (or peel skin off)
4 leaves of kale washed
1 knob of ginger

Sarah’s Calming Carrot Creation
4 large carrots (peeled)
1 organic Granny Smith apple
1 knob of ginger


4 thoughts on “Sleepless In Chicago

  1. I definitely need to retrain my taste buds! All they want right now is carbs/sugar. I tried juicing in December but it made me sick, so right now I am trying to have a green smoothie per day and maybe try juicing again down the road.
    Thank you, Sarah (and Leah) for sharing so openly on your blog. It is really hard to stay motivated on a lifestyle change and I always feel encouraged from your words.

    • Thank you Kate! I agree, it is so hard to make lifestyle changes! So.. one day at a time I suppose. Adding a smoothie to your daily life will maximize your health! Can I ask a question, why did you get sick from juicing? Did you get light headed and feel hungry?

  2. I think I got sick because I just jumped right into juicing without any preparation and my body had so much to detox from. I started a 5 day cleanse and after I made a Green Lemonade juice around 2PM I felt nauseous for the rest of the day. Then that night when I was laying in bed, the nausea just got worse, until I ended up vomiting up everything I had juiced all day. If/When I juice again, I will start by just having 1 a day and work myself up to it. And I probably won’t be making any Green Lemonade 🙂

  3. Thats a great plan… Also, its nice if you’re going to do a juice cleanse only to prepare your body before by going up to 90% Raw for a week before. Lots of salads and fresh vegetables, and don’t forget to chug that water!! If you ever do one again, let me know and I’ll do it with you! we can plan out juices together!

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