Slippers, Smoothies and The Sniffles

Happy Friday Friends… It has been one heck of a week. For any of you who do not know, I had been spending some time with my fiancé in Nashville since Christmas. With the storm hitting the Midwest (and Michigan) like it did, my delayed and canceled delta flight gave me the gift of extending my time with my guy by 3 days. It was wonderful to be with him however I really just spent a lot of time at the airport – as in, every day this week! I finally flew out yesterday (I had 4 flights that were delayed or canceled 11 times) and am home in Michigan and missing him dearly.

Michigan is cold everyone… as in ouch cold. The kicker is that I missed the rough stuff! I have been inside as much as possible with not only multiple pairs of socks on but also furry boots that I am pretending to be slippers. I have had about 12 cups of tea in the last 24 hours and am staying away from doors or windows as if they were the black plague.

I did manage to get to the gym yesterday for a whopping .47 miles because… well, my pants wouldn’t stay up! I was gifted for Christmas some great (what I thought to be) running tights. Well, long story short I’m pretty sure they are yoga tights and most definitely not intended to run in… oopsies! After the gym I ran to the grocery store, in my workout clothes and vibrams (HUGE mistake to make when snow is on the ground) to pick up a few things to get me through this weekend. I was home soon after and cuddled under blankets all night!

My classes also started this week and I beyond love each of them so far. It’s crazy to think that I am on my way to all of my certificates and I know that time will be flying by. This semester I have 3 nutrition/dietetics classes and one writing course. I love that I am learning about writing specifically for nutrition and I can’t wait to learn every bit that I can. I have to say that I am so thankful to be living in a country where education is available to me even though I am a female. I honestly do not ever see myself stopping my education, and am thankful that my interest (Nutrition therapy) is ever changing which will allow me to always have opportunity for continuous education. I am also extremely blessed to have such great support from my guy as well as family.

On a different note, within 3 hours of being in Michigan I noticed myself sniffling. I don’t think these sniffles are from sickness but rather allergies. My allergies have always been a struggle of mine and I think I’m to the point in which I really want to address them holistically. I’m not sure how, but I think I’ll be getting myself into some research on how to recognize and treat sinus allergies holistically.

Before I go today, I wanted to review for you all a product that I received as a Christmas gift. My sweet sister-in-law got me a personal blender/smoothie machine and I adore it, however am experiencing a bit of a learning curve. I thought I would share with you, all of the info incase any of you receive this product or one like it soon.

Bella Rocket Review

This bad boy is amazing! However it’s all in reverse… so you kind of have to do things all opposite.

So how this works, is that you have a base (where Bella Rocket Review is), and then they give you multiple different size tumblers. You also receive different lids and a few different inserts so that you can turn the tumbler into a travel container. Based on the instructions, you can use this machine as a smoothie machine, blender and food processor. I have yet to try it as a food processor but cannot wait to do so.

All in all, everything you get works fabulous, however you have to put your ingredients into the tumbler in opposite order. This is because you add you ingredients into the tumbler, screw the appropriate lid on and then flip it upside down to attached it to the base. Therefore, so that you do not have to stir up the contents over and over you kind of have to put the contents into the tumbler in this order: heavy substances (like frozen fruit), medium substances (yogurt, fresh fruit or veggies) and then your lightest substances (liquids). This sequence will allow the blades enough liquid, to not get the frozen and heavy items stuck.

I have quite a few other “reviews” for you in the coming weeks and I can’t wait simply because I am absolutely loving these new products of mine! Do you have any new products that you are loving? If so, let us know which ones and why in the comments below.

Also… no one entered the giveaway this last Wednesday 😦 therefore, there is no winner. I will save all the goodies and try again in a few weeks!


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