The Quickie

Whether you are a mom to 3, trying to make the best of your lunch break or starting mew classes this semester, a quickie workout is much needed at times. I find that a lot of people either only do quickie workouts (often found on pinterest) or never do them. There is definitely a misconception on both ends and I thought today we could discuss them as well as look into some of the things we here at The Kitchen Revolution view as essentials to having an effective quickie workout!

The Myths:

All I need to stay healthy are 4 or 5, 20 minute workouts a week!

Some individuals, who are maintaining a specific weight and muscle/fat percentage, can get away with these quickie,or light workouts that are simply focused on muscle maintainance. However, any type of weight loss must be met with quality exercise that truly challenges the body and its metabolism.

There is no way you can get a good and effective workout in 20 minutes.

Quality rather than quantity it vital for health. If a 20 minute workout is designed to challenge the body the entire time, it most definitely can be effective. Specifically by challenging muscle groups while challenging your respiratory and cardiovascular system, you can get many positive results out of a quickie workout.

The Workout:

This is a sample and effective quickie workout. It works well because it does not call for equipment however challenges muscle groups and your cardiovascular system. The key to these types of workouts, is to switch things up so that your muscles do not get used to doing the same thing over and over, long term. It is also important to make sure you are not taking any breaks in between reps and/or sets!

Lunch Break Workout Essentials

The Tools:

THe Quickie

1. Dry Shampoo     2. Lip Balm     3. Make up remover wipes     4. Toothbrush and Paste     5. Hand Cream

I find all of these products to be “must haves” for my gym bag. Not only can you now feel physically refreshed when leaving the gym, but you can also feel clean and presentable for whatever else your day requires of you. This means that your afternoon meeting can still take place, errands with the kiddo’s does not need to be accompanied with over size clothes and hoodies, and most importantly, you wont smell! And if you are able to do a quickie workout at home, in your office or while you are with you little ones at the park, having these items on hand will most definitely make the best of your after workout day.

My favorite of these items is definitely the dry shampoo. Even if I have washed my hair before working out, I still use this bad boy. It refreshes my roots, gives me a bit of extra volume and leaves a nice and light scent. I honestly believe that this is a huge reason why woman can now pull off lunch break workouts with such ease. Lip balm is another great tool to have as it (when tinted) gives you just enough color to make you look awake and ready to go without looking as though you added layers of make up on. Make up remover wipes are an essential for long tern vanity rather than short term. A bit of a pet peeve I have is blemishes that are a result from exercise sweat left on my skin. These will most definitely take care of this problem. The toothbrush and paste is just simply a habit of mine and quite frankly I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love fresh breath. Finally, hand cream! When I go to the gym, I ended washing my hands more which results in dryer hands. For this reason I have recently been popping a tube of hand cream in my bad and applying once in the car on my way home. I find that it leaves a nice scent as well as makes me feel better about me.

One random reader will be winning  all of the items above so that they can make better attempts to reach their fitness goals this new year. To enter to win, simply leave a comment below telling us how you go about making sure you work out on even your busiest days. This giveaway will be closed Thursday night (the 9th of January) at midnight and there will be a email sent to the winner notifying them, that they have been chosen. The winner will have 72 hours to get back to us here at The Kitchen Revolution to claim (send us the address they wish their prize be sent to) this prize. Only the winners first name will be given out on this blog on Friday to close this giveaway. Good luck to everyone!



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