The Newest TKR Team Member

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is a special day… why you ask? Because today we welcome a new member to our TKR Community. Today I want to introduce you to our new friend Sarah, whom has a passion for all things health as well as understand the need for balance in life. She also happens to be my cousin and the mommy to one of the cutest little girls you have ever met. So… without further ado, meet Sarah!

Sarah’s Story

“I want to share a story with you. It’s a story of a sleep deprived, malnourished, vitamin deficient mom. A story of a mom who constantly struggles to maintain her own weight, while simultaneously trying to be the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. It’s a story of trial and error, of right and wrong, and of finding that beauty in myself that I have little by little lost over the years. My name is Sarah and this is my story. I’m doing the best I can to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being the best wife and mother that I can be. Some days I don’t want to get out of bed, eh, some weeks I don’t even get a shower, and FORGET shaving my legs (my poor husband). Okay, that was an exaggeration, but you get my point. I’m tried, I’m weak, and honestly, most days, I’m just trying to keep it together. Welcome to my world.

Life use to be easy. I use to know exactly how to meet my weight loss goals. I was a planner. Losing weight was pretty easy. When I was in college, I could easily handle school and a rigorous exercise program. Then I got married. I packed up my entire life and moved to IL to be with the most amazing man I had ever met. What I didn’t realize was that my entire life was about to be turned upside down. I moved away from everything and everyone that I knew, and I relocated to another state. That really takes a toll on a person’s body. To top it off I had to learn how to live with a BOY, find a job quickly (since my husband was in law school), and figure out a way to support us. Stress. stress. and more stress! Raise your hand if you know that the number one thing that makes you gain weight is stress.


Reality set in once more when I had my baby girl, Mia who was a whopping 10lbs 9oz! You can imagine what that does to one’s body. These days,  I feel accomplished and proud of myself if I can collect and finish folding a load of laundry that my spirited 15month old has so innocently distributed around the house. To this day, whenever company comes over, there’s bound to be a hidden sock or pair of underwear stuffed in a corner somewhere (so embarrassing, but at least they’re clean!). The point is, I’m not perfect, but I’m striving towards being a healthier, happier ME, and most importantly, I do it because my family is worth it.

baby mia

I still struggle to this day with making it through the day without crying from exhaustion [insert laughter here]. I struggle with looking in the mirror and wondering where my “pre-baby” body went or if my husband still thinks I’m pretty. I struggle with being very disciplined one week, and then saying, “screw it, pass the bread” the next. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a very delicate juggling act, and although I’m still learning, I have realized that the only way to stay motivated is to continue to search for answers, find someone who knows how to encourage you the way you need to be encouraged, and to ignite that passion of becoming a student and researcher of health and fitness.

One night, while contemplating and crying myself to sleep because of how miserable I felt, it hit me. How can I be a good wife if I can’t even take care of myself. How can I be a good mom if I don’t even have the energy to play with my child because I’m overweight? How can I even carry out my dreams and destiny if I continue to feed myself into a coma with the wrong foods? You see, my husband struggles with daily migraines and eye disturbances, and with being a Trial Attorney, those things don’t exactly go together. To top it off, I inherited an awesome family gene for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is a fancy term that just means, “everything I eat turns to sugar.” Awesome. That really makes losing weight easy [sarcastic eye roll].

Through the struggles, I made the decision to dedicate myself to making better choices in the kitchen, and to actually read what is on food labels. I try to stay on the outside of the grocery store where the food is living, and not, as I like to call the middle isles: death traps, dead food, and you know, “carcinogens in a can.” I’m a firm believer that food can literally change everything–your mood, your energy, and your health. It can effect your brain and can take you from being completely low and depressed to extremely happy and high on life. It can take you from feeling completely lethargic to running circles around your child and feeling motivated. It literally has the power to heal diseases. It has the power TO CHANGE EVERYTHING.

So I guess there is a decision to make. Do you want to feed your overloaded sugar sensories, or do you want to feed your seriously nutrient deprived body. Once your body is getting the right nutrients it needs, your body will begin to heal itself. And when it starts to heal itself, your body will actually begin to send a signal to your brain, like it once did years ago, to say, “Hey, I’m full, stop eating because I’m getting the nutrients I need.” This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. I don’t want to be haggard, exhausted, depressed, and moody anymore. I want to have a zeal and passion for life. I want to sleep peacefully at night. I want to rid myself of anxiety. If we can learn how to make healthier, manageable decisions in the kitchen, then we can have the energy to take care of others, and isn’t that what life’s all about- serving and loving others on purpose.

WHAT IF. What if by making simple, health conscious decisions you didn’t need an alarm clock anymore because your body is rearing to go from the nutrients you fed it the day before? What if now you had the energy to make a meal and take it to your best friend who just became a new mom? What if you now had the energy at the end of the day to call a friend who desperately needs the encouragement that only you can give? What if some of the health problems in your own home could be CURED by the food you bring into your kitchen. You literally have the power to change someones future, because of the choices you make today. This day. Right now. So, come along on this journey with me and my cousin Leah as we share our messy lives with you and show you how you, too, can make simple changes right in your own kitchen.”


Leah here again…  I was able to chat with Sarah yesterday for a few hours and it was so refreshing, encouraging and well… fun! I promise that what you just read is really where her heart is and I just want to encourage all of you to reach out to Sarah in the comments below. Please make her feel welcome in these coming weeks as she get’s into the swing of things here at The Kitchen Revolution. Also, I’d like to say a big thank you to Sarah for carving out time in her very busy life to make all of our health a priority of hers. I look forward to reading all she has to share with us as well as working with her.


One thought on “The Newest TKR Team Member

  1. Thanks for sharing so openly, Sarah. I can really relate. I have a 6 month old and it is so hard to make good food choices. When I’m so exhausted or busy taking care of him, it is much easier to grab something bad for me.

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