Monday Check In

The first full week of the new year starts now! How are planning on making it unforgettable or at least foundational?

I am starting a weight loss challenge today with some cousins and it is lasting 6 months long. In this post, I said that my goal was to be consistent in my eating and exercising… I have thought about that a lot and how it is going to play out this year and I have decided to take an approach that I would now have chosen in the past. Starting today (although I did follow this last week) I will be focusing on my running… 3 miles every day. I will be following a rule I heard Bob Harper use on the biggest loser…


I really don’t intend on putting much more thought or planning into my exercise routine at this time. I did make a workout (found at the bottom of this post) and will be using this to aid my running at least for this week. I did something similar to what is below this last week and really enjoyed it. I will just simply be focusing on getting my 3 miles in…on or off the treadmill and improving my speed for at least the next month.

In terms of eating, I am taking things slow and steady. I have already received text and facebook posts from people who have lost anywhere from 2-4 lbs., and although I am very happy for them, this is not my intent. I want to lose weight at a slow (1 lb. a week) and steady rate. In the past, when I have lost weight at a rapid pace (more than 1 lb. a week), I gain at a rapid pace. Six months is a long stretch and it is plenty of time to fall off the band wagon. I want to prevent falling off in a drastic way and I feel this is the best way for me to do so.

As far as specifics are concerned, I am really enjoying getting a juice or a smoothie in for breakfast. There is something about the morning juice/smoothie that really just wakes me up and the effortlessness of it seems to actually give me a bit of a boost of energy. Dinners have been clean, high in protein and very green. I’ve come to the realization that I enjoy a light and fresh dinner and I’m embracing it. A lot of lime, lemon, dill, garlic and parsley seem to keep me satisfied and full.

I can’t seem to get enough of green beans, I seem to be eating them every other day and I don’t intent on slowing this down. They are very healthy and are a great source of fiber. I also have been loving fizzy waters this last week. They seem to really hit the spot and seem to keep my water intake interesting enough to ward off any cravings. I am also currently working on a light chicken marsala recipe which I expect to be finished with this week!

Guys… I beyond love my fitbit! It is wonderful and gives me great realistic goals as well as hard facts to monitor myself with everyday. I currently am *slightly* tracking my food and just simply focusing on my 10,000 step and 5 miles a day goal. I am using to track my food (it connects directly to my fitbit) and although I am not being precise about it, I am making sure to get a good idea of the macro nutrients I am consuming as well as making sure that I am creating a calorie deficiency.

Here is this weeks workout, it is definitely a beginner workout but can easily be adjusted for any level of fitness. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know below how you have done this last week as well as what your plans are for this coming week.

Beginner Endurance Training

I also very quickly want to touch on my other goals that I have set for this year, as health is not only about the physical. As I guessed it would be, my effort to be more patient is difficult to keep up… I catch myself annoyed with Mollie (Coop’s dog) and say a quick prayer asking God to help me. Here is to hoping that being more aware of this is the first step!

In the books department I am killing things, which isn’t very surprising. I am also focusing on a year long bible reading plan and am genuinely enjoying what I am learning. Supplementation is also going well, my liquid iron as usual taste terrible, however life goes on. I am also loving the effects of using this magnesium lotion on my feet nightly. Magnesium deficiency is an issue for me so this really helps. I think one of the greatest effects I see from it is that I sleep unbelievably well when I am using it regularly!

Finally… the shift bar, guys this one might be a lost cause and unlike my other goals, I honestly don’t know where to start with this one. This is going to sound crazy but… do any of you have shift bar issues? If so, please let me know, I am feeling very alone and lost concerning this. I think I probably should have tried harder in my 12th grade (hello procrastinating teenage Leah, I’m pretty sure you are supposed to take this class much younger) typing class.


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