20 lbs, 1 year, 0 diets!

Well friends, today is the day that we all make promises to our self and to others. We promise that we won’t drink as much soda, that we will lose weight, get better sleep, and make more “us” time. Honestly, I love and loath this time of year. It is so full of hope but lacking in determination.

For the last 2 months or so, I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about how I can approach this new year on this blog. I have brainstormed pages and pages of themes, topics and challenges. Then one day, it hit me. You don’t need another blog that includes “perfection” telling you how to live a life full of only organic foods and why you should take 15 supplements everyday. You don’t need to be challenged to drink a protein shake every day for 3 months instead of eating breakfast. Instead… you need, WE NEED; authenticity… knowledge that can be shared in a common sense way and more FREE information and resources. We need to focus on making small changes that equal a healthier lifestyle rather than depriving ourselves of life and the food it brings.

So here it is… this year is being marked with this statement.

20 1 0

I am going to make the bold assumption that around 90% of us can stand to lose 20lbs. This is based on the current statistic that 68% of Americans are either over weight or obese. Instead of setting out to accomplish unrealistic goals, this year The Kitchen Revolution is going to blow up your life. I’ve called in the troops and between social media and blogging 5-6 days a week, we are going to keep each other accountable, inspired, motivated, educated and moving. There will be more recipes, fitness ideas, personal stories, fun facts about food, and plenty input from many people.

Now, more than ever, comments and emails from readers will be not only be important but extremely appreciated as this blog is officially about YOU! Let us know what you want to learn about, hear about, and what you want to be challenged about. Tell us what recipes you need to us to make healthier but still satisfying. Make sure we understand your needs AND wants! We truly want to make sure that you are being taken care of when it comes to turning your lifestyle into a healthy and gratifying one.

Now for another announcement… when I say I have called in the troops, I mean it. I have contacted multiple family members and friends asking for their input. Many have contributed by sending me their stories or by filling out a bit of a survey, and all of that will be shared with you in time. My goal is to make sure that no matter who you are, female or male, young or old, you feel like you have a place here at The Kitchen Revolution and that you are not alone in your specific health journey.

One of my dear cousins is teaming up with me and becoming a permanent part of this blog. Her name is Sarah and her introduction will be coming next week! She will be running all things facebook (yes, there is now a facebook page) as well as making an appearance on Tuesday and Thursday. She will be sharing recipes as well as her personal struggles and victories as a wife, mom, and female attempting to live the healthiest life she can.

muench family

Sarah, her husband Josh and their daughter Mia

Today I am asking that instead of proclaiming unrealistic healthy goals, you team up with The Kitchen Revolution. Follow us on Facebook here, on twitter here, instagram here, and lastly on Pinterest here. In the coming weeks you will be hearing from many individuals who are, just like you, trying to live a healthier lifestyle. They will be sharing their accomplishments and their failures, their stories and their tips. I will make sure that their information gets to you as well. My hope is that this year we can all team together to make healthier lives for ourselves as well as encourage one another to do the same. We encourage you to share with us, through any of the social media outlets, what your goals are and how we can do our part to help you reach them. We genuinely cannot wait to hear from you!

Happy New Year everyone, let’s make it an unforgettable one!


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