1. Fit Bit Force     2. Pasta Machine     3. Tea Canister

4. Personalized Agenda/Planner     5. Stationary     6. Gud Hand Cream

7. Yoga Mat     8. Running Tights     9. Hair Ties     10. Book

According to this article, half of Americans have yet to start their Christmas shopping. If I am being honest, I’m included in this statistic. Although, I will say that all the gifts I am getting family and friends are already in virtual shopping carts on multiple websites.

Today I thought I’d share with you a few gift ideas that are really versatile in price and interest in case you are one of those 50 % of American’s who have yet to start their shopping. This list is naturally (since I am one) aimed towards a female consumer but I think a few of the ideas could easily be either a male or female gift .

1. Fit Bit Force ($$-$$$): for any athletic individual, male or female. This specific one is a bit “high quality” in it’s abilities but that are so many others out there that range in doing everything from tracking only your steps to tracking all calories burnt as well as sleep patterns. These devices range anywhere from $40 – $190, depending on the specifics.

2. Pasta Machine ($-$$): for your foodie of a friend/family member. I specifically like this idea because I don’t see the average adult going out and buying their self this type of product on any given day. Most kitchen fanatics would love something like this and it’s the type of gift that rarely makes a “wishlist”. It’s my wild cared choice for this holiday season.

3. Tea Canister ($): for your favorite tea drinker. As a tea drinker myself, I have way to many tea bags crowding my cupboards. This would be the perfect small price gift to receive, as in my opinion it would show just how much an individual knows about my daily little enjoyments. I would also be extremely thankful for the resource to organize my life a bit more!

4. Planner/Agenda ($): for the organized and type A at heart. Not only does this make for a great inexpensive gift, this is an ideal Christmas gift as the new year is right around the corner. Depending on the relationship with the individual, you go simple and stop at the planner or customize with pictures, quotes and even hand written messages to really make this gift a heart felt one.

5. Stationary ($-$$): for the thoughtful lady in your life. With technology at everyone’s beck and call, snail mail is not only rare but also very personal and appreciated these days. For some, this is the perfect gift, especially if you know they enjoy being the giver of well wishes. You can even take this gift a step further by giving personalized cards which can be found here.

6. Gud Hand Cream ($): for the busy and cold gift receiver. This hand cream is by far my favorite hand cream, and although it’s scented it’s done without being potent. It is made my Burts Bees which is relatively great quality for a small price.

7. Yoga Mat ($-$$): for your dear yogi! Recently I did a yoga class that was pretty intense, due to the heat I ruined my mat with sweat – gross. It was then that I realized the importance of a good yoga mat as well as a “back up” mat. This would be a great gift also for anyone involved in fitness, as yoga mats are used all the time for other exercises.

8. Running Tights ($$-$$$): for your beloved runner. This gift is great for a male or female and is needed for some time period during the year. The interesting thing about cold weather is that no matter if “cold” to you is 45* or 20*, it’s still cold and running clothes specifically for this type of environment are needed.

9. Hair Ties ($): for any girl on your shopping list. These are great as a stocking stuffer as well as “add ons” to what ever gift you are getting for the female(s) in your life. This gift also ranges in terms of ages, as it can be used for little girls (nieces and daughters) and all the way up to, well anyone who has hair I guess, so wives, sisters and moms. These types of hair bands are relatively new in the industry and are a big hit.

10. The Unhealthy Truth ($): for the book worm in your life. With the new year around the corner, you can almost guarantee that a few of the women on your shopping list will be making some life style new years resolution. If you know any who are looking to change their quality of food and/or the sources their food comes from, this book would be a great resource.


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