Holiday H.I.I.T.

Last week the weather warmed up just enough for me to hit the streets and put in a few miles on my running shoes. As I ran, all of the warm and fuzzy feelings I have towards running came back. I was reminded how it rejuvenises my brain and helps me focus on the important things in my life. I found myself thriving on the “just a little bit more” pep talk I was giving myself throughout the run and as I stepped back into my house after I was done, I realized that run was just the thing i needed that day. I felt that good feeling deep within my heart, the feeling of satisfaction that not only did I do something good for myself, but I also did something for ME that day!

This translated into me going through way to many boxes as well as a trip to the store to make sure I have all the components to get back out there running no matter how cold it is. Actually, let me be specific here… I won’t be running outside if it is colder than 20*F.

Anyways, my goal is to run outside 3 days a week throughout the winter. And I’m pretty sure I can accomplish that now.

On the other days however, I’ll be making my way (like I have been) to the gym to sweat the “not so fun” way. Recently I got extremely bored with my routine and wrote up this little number. It’s fun, challenging and definitely gets you sweating. I hope you enjoy it!

Holiday HIIT

Why do you run? How does it help you cope with your day?


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