Weekend Recap

This weekend was such a refreshing break for me. Coop (my fiance) came in to town and had a bit of a surprise for me (I will share with you all later). He brought his sweet puppy Mollie with him and we really enjoyed our time together with family.

  Santa's Little Helpers

On Sunday we headed over to my parents for a Christmas movie night that we have every year. It was also my mom’s birthday on Thursday of last week so we were able to make it a bit special for her too.

HB Nana

My brother and sister-in-law were there with my cutie-pie of a niece and we had so much fun.

Happy Girl

Papa and Livi

They also brought their dog Rupert which made for a very exciting  trip home on Mollies part!

Rup and Mol

Coop is mainly in town for work which means it’s a short visit but I’ll take whatever I can get these days.

Love Us

I had a really great recipe for you this week with plenty of pictures except that my phone died on Thursday (last week was a terrible week) and I lost all the pictures. I was slightly devastated. I’m hoping that the photo-dump was enough for today. I know looking at all of these sweet faces does it for me at least.


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