6 Months Later

In this post, I shared with you all the story of my sister and her current healthy lifestyle haul. She is still doing great however has had 2 surgeries in the last 3 months or so and I thought I would share with you all the details.

My sister has always been a nauseous person, even as a baby (via my mom). Her nausea was so bad and common that we all just grew accustom to it. She was generally a picky eater and I figured that between her weight, inability to eat many foods and nausea, well I guess I just thought she would just live this way. After all, I see and hear many people who are in a very similar situation regularly.

When my sister started making her health a priority earlier this year, everyone around her was unbelievably proud of her and cheering her on. However some things just didn’t change despite her weight loss, specifically her nausea and inability to do long exercises because of asthma. She had been exercising regularly so her stamina should have been increasing and she was clearly eating the right types of foods because she was losing weight and doing it quickly. To say we were perplexed is an understatement.

Shortly after going to the doctor or for a mild case of strep, she was sent to an E.N.T. doctor to see what was going on. Here she found out that she had absurdly large tonsils and that they needed to be removed quickly. She had the surgery and the recovery, was, well pretty rough.

Just a few weeks after finally feeling like herself again, her nausea became much, much worse than it has been in the past. After going back to her doctor and having a few tests done, it came back that her gallbladder was only working at around 20%, her liver enzymes were elevated and that she had bilirubin in her urine. Long story short, she needed her gallbladder out and a.s.a.p.

Two weeks ago, she had it out and although the recovery is happening, it is taking quite a bit of time. She is still in a bit of pain and has days were she is totally and completed exhausted and still nauseous. After taking to her surgeon and doing a bit of investigated myself, I found out some very interesting information.   All of this information leads me (and her surgeon confirmed it) that her gallbladder troubles were in fact due to her rapid weight loss. Tomorrow I will be going over in depth the gallbladder, how it works and how to properly take care of it. Until then, here is a picture of my beautiful sister after losing 83lbs. in only 6 months.


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