Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt

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Greek Yogurt is my new best friend. Fine, not really but I definitely have developed a new relationship with it. I’m sure many of you have seen on Pinterest (or some other website) all of the uses for greek yogurt lately… and well I am here to confirm these theories! Recently, I have been using non-fat plain greek yogurt in everything from my smoothies, to topping my tacos, in egg salad and tuna salad, and it has even began to make an appearance in my baking.

The beauty of greek yogurt is that it is packed with protein. It also has live cultures that I find greatly nourish the growth on my hair, nails and skin. In terms of baking, it leaves baked good extra moist and takes the place of oil at times. This means I get to ditch the bad fats and add in the good ones. In fact, two weeks ago my sister had her gallbladder out. After the surgery she was finding it very difficult to each much of anything. Smoothies came to her rescue and greek yogurt was a part of that. She was getting good fats that her body could break down without causing bile backup as well as protein in a form that is also easily broken down.

In other words, the verdict is in and greek yogurt is here to stay! I personally go for non-fat plain organic greek yogurt but I know for many this may be difficult. If that is the case, try for a low-fat vanilla flavored yogurt if you are just planning to snack on it alone, and if you are trying to get away from processed oils and mayonnaise type of sauces, well start using 50/50. Over time you can continue to increase the non-fat plain greek yogurt and decrease the processed ingredients.

Do you ever use greek yogurt rather than another ingredient?

If so, what and how did you find it?


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