Hey friends… so sometimes computers get virus’. And all the time when my computer gets a virus, I get frustrated… like really frustrated! In fact this is pretty much what happens when my computer gets a virus.

  • Me: Coop, my computer has a virus I think.
  • Coop: Why hunny, what’s wrong?
  • Me: It does this phantom pop up thing.
  • Coop: Did you run the virus scanner on it?
  • Me: Yes, and then I just stared at my computer for no joke 20 minutes unable to decide if I should panic, ignore the problem or take a nap.

I went with ignore the problem… for 2 days – #oopsies. But now dear friends, it is fixed and I made sure to spend time yesterday brainstorming for this week. I promise to have quality info for you this week 🙂

Let’s get to this week then…

Here is the plan, despite my lack of Holiday Challenge talk… it is in fact happening. This is what my weeks looks like based on it!

Food –

Breakfast: 6 oz. of plain non/low fat greek yogurt with raspberries in it. 2 slices of turkey bacon or an egg.

Lunch: Tuna, Egg, Turkey or Chicken Sandwich on 1 slice of Sprouted Ezekiel Bread and some veggies

Snack: A Juice – Leafy greens, Carrots, Cucumber, Zucchini and Apple

Dinner: Tilapia, Salmon or Chicken with a side of steamed veggies.

Exercise –

Mon: Core Circuit and 60 min. Elliptical/Bike

Tues: Upper Body and 60 min. Intervals Speed/Incline

Wed: Butt and Abs Circuit and 45 min. Bike

Thur: Upper Body Lite and 60 min. Treadmill/Elliptical

Fri: Core Circuit and 60 min. Elliptical/Bike

Saturday I have hair to do, wedding stuff to finalize and a thanksgiving spread to make… so I will be doing zero exercising in the gym.

I am now on instagram as well as twitter to please link up with any questions or comments!

See you guys tomorrow 🙂



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