Potcrock Pet Peeves

I feel like most of the time that I log onto pinterest, I see a dozen or so crock pot recipes. I am so very over the crock-pot… it’s just , done.

I feel like there are some definite recipes that need a crock-pot… soups, chili, maybe even a tender roast, but not everything belongs in the crock-pot. In fact, cooking things that are your source of fiber (vegetables and rice) with oil and other fats for long periods of time actually ruin the nutritional value.

I understand that moms are busy, that a crock-pot is probably the easiest part of your day, but it’s actually doing you a disservice.

There is a blogger who is so fabulous, she focuses on saving money, character building in her children and being a great mom and I truly appreciate every bit of who she is. However she post recipes that are not healthy, in fact, there are about a few thousand of her. And she is starting to kill me! I hear all the time from busy mom that they are eating “clean” or “natural” because they want to improve their health as well as their child’s but come to find out, they are making crock-pot meals about 4 times a week.

Some of the things I’m talk about are as follows…

Tortellini Crock-pot Soup

Cheesy Ranch Chicken Crock-pot Meal

Crock-pot Chicken and Stuffing

Ham and Potato Crock-pot Soup

– all links found via pinterest

I’m sure these recipes are delicious and I’m sure they are easy, but please beware of the “crock-pot culture”. More often then not, you pay the price of nutrition for convenience. Be cautious when planning out your meals for the week of how many times you are whipping out that crock-pot and more importantly what the major ingredients are that you are putting in that crock-pot. So many of these recipes call for large quantities of fat (sour cream, oil, cheese) and these make a big difference in your day-in and day-out calorie consumption.

Are you a fan of the crock-pot meals?

If so, what recipes have you tried out to find them successful?

Of the recipes you may have used, which have you found to be the healthiest?


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