The Weekend

Happy Monday! I hope yours has gotten off to a better start then mine… I’m officially over technology (something that is heard often from this mouth) and I’ve only been at the week for about 4.5 hours. This one may not end well, for technology, not me 😉

Anyways, this is the first Monday check in concerning our Holiday Challenge and I’d like to go over a few things.

First off, I am realizing that the more I plan, the better I do. This is in regards to everything from the food I eat to the exercise I do, shoot even my blogging. This isn’t really new news, but I think I am just realizing it and embracing it a bit more. And it definitely isn’t something that just has to do with this challenge, in fact, my mom has been saying for years now that I like all my ducks in a row and that eventually life is going to happen to me in a specific way that will not allow me to have things my way. But anyways, that really has nothing to do with right now!

I am currently sitting at Barnes & Nobles and this isn’t the first stop of the day to get some internet and quite work time. I tried a few other places today with no positive results.  I am very much over computers and anything that has to do with them!

Back to the planning… If I can plan, I can succeed! Last week I did great with my eating. Things went something like this,

  • Breakfast: Greek yogurt with fruit and then a protein – think turkey bacon or a hardboiled egg
  • Lunch: Large salad with protein, turkey lunch meat, hardboiled egg, and possibly a piece of fruit
  • Afternoon Snack: Pistachios or Hard Boiled egg – this simply depended on how I was feeling about protein that day
  • Dinner: Lean protein (Venison, Salmon, White Fish) and lots of veggies – think 2-3 Cups

By Thursday, I was starving! I ate some popcorn that night and then Friday I ate all of the above in terms of breakfast.

My workouts ended up looking like this

  • Monday: 60 min. treadmill
  • Tuesday: 45 min. elliptical and 20 minutes chest/triceps
  • Wednesday: 20 min stair stepper, 20 min bike and legs workout
  • Thursday: 20 min bike, 20 min treadmill, 20 min elliptical and back/biceps workout
  • Friday: Baby Workout

Friday I had children with me from 8am – 6pm. So, no joke I used the youngest (my niece) as my workout and lifted her up probably more than 100 times to do some upper body work and then used her as added weight for some core work. No Shame!

Things went so very well until Saturday and Sunday in which my world seemed to crash down with errands, technically difficulties (my phone) and then a baby shower on Sunday.

I’ll be honest in saying although I don’t even remember what I ate, I know it wasn’t good. This morning, I was actually eager to eat my yogurt and go to the gym!

How did things play out for you this weekend?

Did you notice anything about your efforts that you will have to adjust to and make changes concerning if you are going to reach your goals?


One thought on “The Weekend

  1. I’m a sucker for snacks, so my adjustment is that I need to put away potato chips, pretzels, crackers, and Halloween candy as I grab them without even realizing from running around the house. Instead I’ll cut up some fruit like apples and oranges and grab them as snacks.

    I agree with you that staying on track is hard. Life is hectic and without planning can become one big cluster. I try to plan my day and week to the best of my ability and attempt to stick to it. As you mentioned above, sometimes that’s not doable and we must adjust.

    Other than that, my week has been going great. I attended my walks, ate healthy (besides the unhealthy snacking) and because of that I actually have more energy throughout the day and am able to sleep better at night.

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