Week 1

Holiday Challenge

In two months from tomorrow, everyone and their best friend are going to set a new years resolution to lose weight, get in shape, start using their gym membership more, stop drinking soda and so on and so forth. We on the other hand will not, no you see rather than start in 2 months, we are starting tomorrow.

I have had great response from people who would like to start this Holiday Challenge and I am so happy that tomorrow is the day, we start now! I am especially excited because I will not be seeing Cooper for about a 6 week stretch, so my results will be even more exciting as he will not see my day-in and day-out changes.

This is how we are going to complete this challenge…

  • The challenge runs from November 1st – December 31st
  • You get two “off” days during this challenge, which are Thanksgiving and Christmas day ONLY!
  • Once a week you can (if you would like) have one “splurge” meal or treat (ie. 1 small slice of pumpkin pie, 1 small bowl of pasta, 1 mini kit-kat bar).
  • You will be weighing yourself ever Thursday morning and taking your measurements every other Thursday morning.
  • Measurements include: chest, waist, hips, arms and legs.
  • If you haven’t, take your before picture.
  • I will communicating with you twice a week through email to encourage, motivate and answer any questions along the way.
  • In the emails we will also be focusing on you making and achieving 1 large goal and two small goals.

I think this is going to be a very successful time for all of us participating. And although tomorrow is the official start day, you or anyone you know can join at anytime. Just simply email me and I will get you on the list and caught up to date with any “special” information I have given out. I will also be devoting Monday’s here on the blog to letting all of you know how things have been going for me concerning this challenge (ie. my nutrition and fitness as well as progress reports).

So to start off the day, I will share with all of you my measurements and goals.


  • Arms: 13 in.
  • Chest: 38 in.
  • Waist: 30 in.
  • Hips: 40 in.
  • Legs: 22 in.


  1. Large Goal: Get up to running 7 miles.
  2. Small Goal 1: Lose a total of 15 in. off of my body.
  3. Small Goal 2: Eat a salad every day for one of my meals.

I think so often we let our self go this time of year because it’s the holidays, so many of us then gain 10-12 pounds. The result is that at the beginning of the year we don’t actually make any progress on our real goals because we are just trying to get back to where we were before the holidays. However, I think we can do better then that! I think we can start now, still enjoy the holidays and accomplish goals in the next year that we never thought we would be able to reach.

Again, feel free to send this to anyone you know who is interested in taking control of their health today! The more the merrier 🙂

I am also really excited because I have been planning out a Thanksgiving menu that includes all of the yummy things our tradition is used to but has a very healthy twist to it! I’ll be working on the recipes a bit more, then making and photographing it all in the next 2 weeks. So please make sure to check it out in the weeks to come,

Finally, I could help but show you all this video. How awesome would it be to accomplish our health goals before the New Years so that our resolution could be something like this.

I’m not positive why I find this so funny other than I can’t do a cart wheel and that is in fact how I feel when I see 4 year old doing them with such ease!


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