The Plan

sugar finale

Well friends… we made it! Can you believe how much we covered? If you missed any of it, go ahead and click on the link “Sugar Series” on the left side of this blog. In the meantime, I want to take the time today to break down for you how to cut sugar out of your diet either for a short period of time or forever.

  • First off, avoid at all cost your lectin foods. If you aren’t sure what I mean by this, check out this post.
  • Secondly, limit your fruit to only in the morning and possibly a morning snack. This is the same for grains of any kind.
  • Third, eat a lot of veggies especially at dinner.
  • Fourth, watch your portions!

Here is an example of my diet in terms of these rules.

  • Breakfast: 6oz. Greek non-fat, plain organic yogurt with 1/2 Cup raspberries and 2 slices of uncurred turkey bacon
  • Lunch: Salad of spinach, romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato and carrot, with a hardboiled egg, turkey breast lunch meat and balsamic vinegar
  • Snack: 1/4 Cup pistachios
  • Dinner: 4 oz. of fish and 3 Cups of roasted veggies

For me… this isn’t an easy plan. First off, I have had to give up chicken, so that I can stabilize my blood sugars better (lectin foods). Also, it has taken me an entire week (7 breakfasts’) to get used to plain Greek yogurt. Lastly, I crave sweet after dinner. If I am being honest with you, sometimes I will eat a green apple or peach around 8 o’clock. But I try not to… I know I am getting enough calories and that I am getting proper fuel for my body. It’ sin times of these, I have to tell myself “Mind over Matter”.

This is my go-to plan, what I always have in my back pocket as what to fall back onto. We are taking a week of this after a 3-day holiday feast, 2 days after a night out for my sisters birthday and quite frankly if I want to feel my best, this should be just slightly modified (for variety) on a day to day basis. If I can follow this 85% of the time, then one date night every 2 months in which I want to eat a sweet potato for dinner will be nothing but a little spice in my night. Because, well… I will have put in the day-to-day work to make sure my hormones, immunity, brain and all over organelle are in a place that a little sugar (whether simple or complex) will not through my system off.

I have your last assignment of this series for you today! Make up a meal plan based on the rules above and feel free to use mine as a template. Make sure you take into consideration this post about lectin foods if need be!

That’s it… we covered it all. Or at least all that I had intended to share with you. If you enjoyed this series and would like to see more that are similar, please email me or a leave a comment below expressing to me what you what to know about.

Thank you for sticking around for this series as well as all the I put and encouragement you gave me. It was all greatly appreciated.

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