Natures Dessert



Fruit – It’s natures dessert. It is the one form of sugar that is what I call “free”. In fact, for those trying to lose weight, I often suggest that you can eat 3 pieces (or 3 -1 cup servings) of fruit a day. And if you are a veggie monster, once you tackle 9 servings of vegetables a day you can eat even more fruit!

Why is it so valuable you ask? Because fruit is packed with water and fiber. Fiber is this fabulous micro-nutrient that our body cannot process so it passes it through our body. But guess what else it does, it grabs on to a few grams of “other stuff” on it’s way out. So when you eat a piece of fruit, not only is much of it water, but it also doesn’t all get sent to your bloodstream as sugar. Instead, it is filled with vitamins and minerals that are in the fruit naturally rather then fortified and it delivers all of those beautiful micro-nutrients to your organelles for proper use. And then what is left over and can’t be used get’s shipped out!

It’s really a beautiful process. And the best part is that a good piece of fruit will in fact take care of your sweet tooth. And if you isn’t, drizzle a little chocolate on a few strawberries, or better yet make fruit kabobs. Take a few types of fruit, chop them up and place them on a stick, then drizzle or dip in  something such as chocolate, peanut butter, nutella, cool whip or caramel.

Dessert is delicious, and in my opinion it is needed. Thankfully, fruit offers us the perfect option since it’s natural sugars can be combined (in moderation) with some not so simple sugars to give us a much better option then double fudge ice cream that will leave us bloated and gassy in a few hours.

What are some of your favorite desserts that use fruit?


9 thoughts on “Natures Dessert

  1. Can one have too much of fruit?
    If so what are the repercussions?

    The reason I ask is that I LOVE fruit, all kinds of it. From apples to strawberries, grapes to blueberries, and my weakness: pineapple. It is so sweet and good and I often will get close to 8 servings of fruit a day. And even though it is considered “good sugar” I was told by my doctor that it is too much and it doesn’t help me with my cancer.
    What are your thoughts on it?

    • Well Ms.Donna, this is a bit of a tricky question… I would say that if you are not eating grains, then sub out your serving of that with fruit. For instance, if you would be eating 4 serving of grains a day, I can see how 2-3 servings of fruit instead is ok. The other thing I am a believer in is that on a day to day basis, your fruit intake should not outnumber your vegetable intake. What I mean by this is that if you are eating 10 servings of vegetables a day, 0 servings of grains and 8 servings of fruit, well then… keep going. I don’t know why your doctor told you that fruit is not good for your cancer, so maybe ask for a bit of clarification on that.

      • I would still advise you to talk to your oncologist as to why he suggested that you cut it out due to your history with cancer. He may not realize your diet as a whole but he also knows a lot more about cancer then you and definitely more than me.

  2. I too love fruits and my weakness is freshly made fruit pies like blueberry pie and apple pie.

    How can I prepare them so that they aren’t as bad for me and my family?

      • I try to use wheat mixed with flour for the crust so it’s not as bad for us. I tell my family and myself, for every pie we eat, we have to walk afterwards, otherwise there is no pie.

      • Good for you Tammy… I love LOVE love the idea of walking for pie. In fact, I think that could really end up being a great incentive for dessert in general. If you want dessert then you must walk for 30 min that day! Great idea!

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