The Ins and Outs of Insulin

insulin graphic


We have talked quite a bit about insulin, however we haven’t discussed how it really makes magic within our body.

Ready for the shortest yet most important post of this series? Because here we go…

Insulin is made in the pancreas, and it’s job is to regulate fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Insulin makes the cells in the liver, muscles and fat absorb glucose from the blood for energy. Within the liver and muscle, glucose is stored as glycogen. In fat cells, it is stored as triglycerides. Insulin stops the use of fat for energy and inhibits the release of glucagon – a glucose hormone. This means that when there is to much sugar in the blood, but not enough insulin (because you consumed to much sugar), the insulin that is available gets released and takes care of what it can. The rest of the sugar however remains in the blood stream and does harm to your body. Since the two hormones insulin and glucagon have an inverse relationship, not only is there not enough insulin at this point but the release of glucagon has also been stopped at this point which can result in low sugar immediately after high sugar.

The beauty of insulin is that unless you have a metabolic syndrome which you were born with or that is genetic, insulin is completely controlled by you. The purpose of this post is that you take this information and then re-read this post as well as this post to make better sense of the big picture that is sugar and how problematic it is within our bodies.


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