The Sister Diets


What do all of these diets have in common? Well, they are sister diets. Or at least that is what I call them. Yes, they are all different but they all have one core thing in common. They suggest that you cut down on your carbohydrate intake to enhance weight loss.

Now if you were to ask someone on the Paleo diet if they were doing low carb, my guess is that they would say no. Quite frankly, it’s understandable. Some of the diets listed below are very low carb while others are moderate. Some of the above diets are high in fat, some are unlimited and some specify which fats can be consumed.

So why then is cutting carbohydrates such a hot ticket in weight loss?

The process in which all of these diets are foundational on is Ketosis or the process in which the body depleats it’s supply of glycogen in the liver. This then forces something called beta-oxidation to happen within the body, In other words the body uses it’s fat stores to supply the cells and in return the body with energy.

In simple terms, when their isn’t glycogen (sugar) available for use by the body for energy, it will convert stored fat into energy.

Now back to those sister diets… some claim that this process of Ketosis must be reached before weight loss can be achieved, some suggest that a mild form of this process along with large muscle exercise will allow for maximum long term weight loss. Another uses this process as well as many other bio-chemical processes within our bodies as the reason to without saying so boldly, cut out carbs, while another ultimately claims that slow and steady wins the race as long as quality carbohydrates and fats are consumed.

I could easily go on for an hour or so breaking down all of the details of these diets and let you know what millions of books say about which is the best and why another isn’t. But that isn’t what I am attempting to do today. Instead I am suggesting today that low carbohydrates diets do in fact yield the greatest weight loss long term.

As always, please do some of your own research on all of these diets (links provided below) and then bring your gained knowledge into the doctor. That last part of the previous sentence is vital… if you are having heart, kidney, insulin or a long list of other medical issues, then it is even more vital for you to run all dietary changes by your doctor. This is due to the fact that medication can and does interact with food.

Here are some links for reading!

The Atkins Diet

The Paleo Diet

The G.A.P.S. Diet

The South Beach Diet

Ironically, all of these diets are easily manipulates around gluten sensitivities.

Happy Wednesday friends, read something today… it’s good for you!


8 thoughts on “The Sister Diets

  1. I loved the end: “read something today, it’s good for you”

    As I read that, my brain screamed, I READ YOUR POSTS, DOES THAT COUNT? Hahahaha

    My question is, what is your favorite diet or one you would pick to be on if you had to and why?

    Sorry about the questions but I really love to learn about this stuff and it seems like you know your stuff.

    • Great question Donna! I tend to go towards something low-er card. What a broad answer, huh? Specifically I cut our grains for my teeth (the G.A.P.S. diet) and although I do dairy it is limited and only organic (think greek yogurt and goat cheese). I find that for my own digestive tract, dairy really takes a negative toll on it. I guess this would fall into a modified G.A.P.S. or Paleo. I am not crazy (for myself) all the dairy included in the Atkins and the grains in the South Beach diet.

  2. These diets require a lot of dedication. Especially the GAPS diet….2years….wow!

    I am currently calorie counting and exercising a lot. I find that walking and running is the best for my body to stay healthy, fit, and lose weight.

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