So there has been some confusion with last week’s giveaway, and I apologize for that. I don’t know if you remember but in this post, in which I told you about the giveaway, I said this was new to me and I asked to please be patient if I don’t do it quite the way you wanted.

Last Tuesday morning I picked a winner and emailed them, however I have yet to hear back from them, Once upon a time I was a winner for someone else’s giveaway and the email I received for it got sent to my spam for some reason. It wasn’t until a few days later that I checked my spam, found the email and was able to reply back… so I have been trying to be gracious and give the person enough time to get back to me.

Another tid-bit about giveaways… I’m not supposed to mention the name of the winner after the giveaway is over. You see, in the blogger world, there are all sorts of rules. Rules like,  remove any comments on your blog about politics and religion if this is not what you blog about, or cite any and all pictures you use…. both of these I have had to take time to do.  It isn’t exactly convenient but they are the rules and I like to follow rules.

So here is how we will precede from here with the giveaway… the first person to email me their information (where to ship the canister set) at{ thekitchenrevolution (at) outlook (dot) come } will get the set. As the winner, feel free to mention on any form of social media that you won, however I will not be doing this. Like I said at the beginning of all of this, I am new to the blogging giveaway world, so I appreciate everyone being gracious as I have had to work out the kinks.

Not that we have that taken care of… let’s get to the goods!

Happy October

I can’t believe it’s already this time of the year. It seems like it has come way to fast but I’ll try not to say that too much because I’m pretty sure that just means I’m getting older.

Today I have for you my workout schedule for this month. I’ll be traveling for a little over a week during October which means working out will be a bit more challenging then usual. Due to that, I made this month pretty repetitive. There is a lot of ab work happening to help really flatten and tone the core. Feel free to use whatever ab workout you would like if you are following along. I’ll be using my Pilates dvd by Windsor Pilates. As far as the other workouts go, I’ll be using some of my old workout cards which can be found under “fitness” in my categories list to the left.

Also, my running is planned out according to an 11K I am hoping to run in November over Veterans day weekend.


I like to really challenge myself and work at shedding a few (between 4 and 5) pounds in October with some extra cardio so that come the holiday season I don’t feel so pressured to miss out on the good eats. This is just my personal opinion though. Do what you can and remember to please talk with your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

That’s it for me today friends… I’ll be focusing on sugar this week so please send anyone interested in the topic this way.


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