Moon Pies

I have a head ache today 😦

And I think it is because of these…

moon pies

Yes friends… that is a box of 12 delicious moon pies.

So why are these in my house?

Because this guy came to visit this weekend!

2013-05-24 14.41.50

And in all of his sweetness he brought me chocolate goods!

This is also the reason to my lack of words last Thursday and Friday.

But it’s all good, because I will gladly take the headache and tummy trouble if it means seeing this face for 44 hours!

And in his defense, he didn’t force me to eat 3 moon pies.

I’m just extra good at things like eating large portions of treats.

So today I have nothing for you except a picture of a handsome guy and to say the fabulous winner of the glass canister’s has yet to respond to my email so if they do not by midnight tonight, I will be re-drawing and email the new winner.

So please check you inbox!

Happy Monday friends and I promise to make up tomorrow for today 🙂

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