Websites that Work

I find being healthy so much easier when I have a support system. And for me, part of my support system are websites and apps that help me stay on track. Today I would like to share with you my top 5 websites and/or apps that help me stay healthy.


In my “contact” section I give you all my name and info to find me on myfitnesspal… the reason I do this is is because of accountability and that is exactly what myfitnesspal offers me. I can log everyday what I eat and when I eat it and not only will my calories be counted but I can also see my macro-nutrient intake. When you find friends, it makes the accountability that much stronger as your friends can view what you are eating.This website also has the availability to help you track your exercise as well. This website also has an app for most smart phones.


When I first found this website, I was in awwwwwww! After registering, you can type in the zip code of where you want to run at and by dropping points along the streets you run you can map precisely the distance you run. I find this to be especially great if you are training for any distance race.


This website is a great resource, not only does it has fabulous workouts (most which only last 16 minutes), but it also has great nutrition guides as well. I’m not crazy about the personalities on this website but I do know that these workouts are legit!


Originally, the above website was done by this girl. So when her and her husband split, she started her own site and I LOVE it!!!! There is not quite the amount of workouts in her archives as the above site, however I find her personality much more endearing and this website all around more enjoyable.


This website is full of great reads, workouts and even a few recipes. She is fun, personal and all around someone who you won’t mind watching and learning from.

I personally like to place all of these links in a folder n my bookmark tab that says “Daily Reads” and then it’s that much easier for me to have them at my disposal. So go check these out and let me know what you think.

**I am not affiliated with any of these companies and am not compensated for my opinions which these are.**


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