The Reason For The Words

“To provide hope and resources for those without life’s essentials.”

Feed The Children mission statement

If only those were my words! Do you ever stop and look around at the turmoil right in front of you. I don’t mean watching the news, I mean truly seeing through untainted eyes, people. Their struggles, their mistakes, the beauty of the raw emotion happening. Do you ever see the hope, grace and mercy that they are receiving in that moment?

I recently stumbled upon The Novo Project, and a little flame was lit within my heart. You see, I have this dream, a desire in fact. I long to make this blog more than a blog. More than a place of information, but instead I long for it to be a cycle of people helping one another.

I have been unbelievably blessed to currently have ties to both the city of Detroit as well as the city of Nashville. And although on different scales, they both have needs. I recently occurred to me that so many people sit around and speak so poorly of Detroit and quite frankly act as if I am victimized by the state in which Detroit is however I am feeling unbelievably blessed to be able to witness firsthand the need that is here. It has allowed me to develop a perspective and view as well as compassion for those who are living without the essentials that so many of us have.

Can I be very vulnerable with you for a moment and really share with you my dream? I would like to eventually offer services here, and rather than pocket the profit, I would like to sponsor 2 or 3 charities, or non-profit organizations each month and have all revenue go towards their efforts. I want to focus on food, children and the disabled. I want to show the world the need that I have been exposed to. And ultimately, I want to help meet those needs.

You see that little sentence up there under my blog title? It says change YOUR life by stepping into the kitchen… someday I hope WE can changes LIVES by stepping into our kitchens. Not only do I believe that you and I together can make our own lives and health more beneficial through the healing power of foods, but I also believe if done correctly, we can help others change their lives as well.

Here are a few charities and non-profit organizations that I have been drawn to lately. You should check them out and allow yourself to:

Share Our Strength

Also known as No Kid Hungry not only provides children with food, but they also educate the family on how to get and cook healthy food.

Doctors of the World

An organization that provides health care, both emergency and long term to population in need around the world.

The Hunger Project

I especially love the mission statement of this organization… “To end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots,women-centered strategies and advocating for their widespread adoption in countries throughout the world.”  In their vision they speak about giving individuals self-reliance AND dignity.

Health Corps

This organization provides schools with resources to teach it’s students about healthy living in many ways.


While researching needs in the metro-Detroit and metro-Nashville area, I was amazed to see the lack of resource for young moms who chose to keeps their babies and raise them. This subject has always been dear to my heart and I intend on also reaching out to this population and somehow helping meet the need with resources, love, grace, mercy and any other support.


4 thoughts on “The Reason For The Words

  1. I am proud to be your reader and I hope you are able to achieve all of your dreams.
    You have some great desires and you are going to do some awesome things with those desires.
    Keep going and don’t stop lovely girl.

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