Mrs. Obama’s Cause

Ever since 1797 and Abigail Adams, the first lady of this country has chosen a cause to make her own. And throughout her husband’s term(s) she makes efforts to see whatever cause it is that she has chosen, make headway in our country and society.

During the last 6 years, Mrs. Obama has taken on the cause of childhood obesity. No matter what you think of her husband and his views on politics, I think we can all agree that this cause of her’s is something of great value.

Today I read this article that talks about Mrs. Obama asking the “junk” food companies to stop marketing “sweet and salty foods” for young children. And as much as I applaud her efforts to reach out to an audience (multi-million dollar companies) that are not usually reached out to… well, I don’t think this is going to work. I don’t think that these companies are going to stop marketing their product. If they did, well their sales would drop, which would result in their stock dropping and then possible damage to the company over all.

Her idea is brilliant, reach out to a new audience and ask for their involvement to stop childhood obesity. However in a society who believes money equals power, well, this effort will probably fall flat.

I’ve said before on this blog that I have experience with children. In fact I once took the time to count how many children I have helped raised (nannying and long term babysitting) and the total is 12. And although I have had the opportunity to gain much experience with these little ones, I didn’t gain the experience of being financially responsible for them. With saying that, I have a theory, but there is a great chance that I am wrong. Here it is…

If it was financially easier to provide your children with healthy food (fruits, vegetables, purified water, grass fed organic meats), you would do it. If it was easier to cook dinner for your children, ever night and a parent was able to stay home rather then work, that would be the reality for your family.

I really do look up to Mrs. Obama and her boldness with her cause of ending childhood obesity. I think she is courageous, smart and a great inspiration considering she herself chooses to eat healthy and workout daily… but I think this is yet another failed attempt to bring awareness to this issue.

What do you think? In your opinion, how can this issue be approached, fixed and what part should the big companies have in it?


One thought on “Mrs. Obama’s Cause

  1. As you said “as much as she wants to and tries, it won’t work” and that’s how I feel about it. She does have good intentions, however, do they work is the question?
    She has been doing this for 6+ years as the first lady and not much has changed.

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