Boozing Weight Loss

You are at a kids birthday party and the hostess walks by offering  “mommy juice” in either the form of wine coolers or wine. You are at a baseball game and that guy with the beer seems to only be walking around YOUR section. It’s date night and the fact that you ate a salad makes a glass of wine or a drink at the bar even more appealing. It’s another dreaded shower (baby or bridal) and between the lame games, the stranger conversation and the lack of real food, another mimosa seems to be just what is needed.

And then the next morning, or the next weigh in day comes around and despite your near perfection eating and exercise routine… the scale has only negative things to say.

We have all done it… had an amazing week in terms of food and exercise but for whatever reason sprinkled in some drinking. And in a culture where it is more than ok to do this, in fact it’s socially the right thing to do,  many of us get beyond frustrated when the above situation happens.

Now we all know that drinking lowers you inhibitions which may lead to eating junk food, or drinking more… but what if there is another reason why you can’t seem to shake off pounds with a drink in your hand? What if it isn’t JUST the empty calories?

Enter Phytoestrogen… it’s in your drinks and it’s out to get you! You see phytoestrogen, in this case specifically the phytochemical resveratrol is a bit of a back stabber. Although it has been talked up to be something so great for your health (think diabetes and heart disease prevention), it does something not so great as well. It helps you turn into a fat storing machine.

That’s right… and I’m terribly sorry to break up your love fest with that glass of red wine that awaits you when your children have been, well… monsters. But, science doesn’t lie… at least not usually.

So how does this happen you ask… good question 🙂 You see, hormones within the body must be maintained at the correct balance for everything to go well and as planned. So when you dump a whole lot of one hormone into your body, it naturally affects the other hormones. Think of it as he following math equation { 1 + 3 = 4 }. Now if we change that 1 to a 2, and we still need to get 4 at the end, the equation now looks like { 2 + 2 = 4 }. All is well until that 3 decreases to a 2 and can no longer do its job.

So this translates to: phytoestrogen dumps estrogen into your blood, your estrogen level should be at a 1, but now it’s at a 2 which throws off other hormones in your blood and pushes them down from 3’s to 2’s. Now that all that estrogen is in your blood, and the other hormones can’t do their job you end up with some estrogen dominance which results in your body screaming to hold on to fat at any and all causes.

Houston, we have a problem!

I would love to at this point, in this post tell you that there is this special herb which you can take to block that estrogen dumping, but there isn’t. At least not yet! So until some really motivated college student who doesn’t want to get fat takes their bio-chem class REALLY serious and then wakes up a genius one morning as well as a soon to be millionaire ( Curtis Thorsby – Party Armor ), well I guess we all have to re-think this whole drinking while trying to lose weight thing.

Depressing post, huh! I have no pointers for you today, no way to slow down this process or ways in which you can trick your bio-chemistry make up. Just some hard science.

But cheer up friends… tomorrow is Wednesday which means we can all walk around with that camel hump day commercial playing in our heads!


2 thoughts on “Boozing Weight Loss

  1. This is by far one of my favorite posts so far. You did a great job including science into it but not too complicated for your average reader (like myself)
    I had no idea alcohol would work like that where it takes one of your hormones and increases it while it decreases the other ones. Now I will be mindful of this every time I have a drink.
    Great way to end it with the hump day commercial. It was hilarious 🙂

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