Let’s Talk About

Happy Monday everyone! I had a really exciting Friday and it was all in thanks to you. Not only was my blog post from Thursday (Ella Style Weight Loss) featured in an online magazine, but I also had the most views on this here blog, well… ever on Friday. Thank you so much for believing in me and my passion, for passing my blog name around and for taking the time out of your busy lives to read what I have to say.

lets talk

Let’s talk about food baby,

let’s talk about you and me,

let’s talk about all the good things,

and the bad things that may be.

Let’s talk about food.

So let’s get talking…

I had an interesting conversation this Saturday with a woman who shared with me a bit about a current struggle she is having with her young teenage daughter. This kind hearted mother told me that since July she has been putting great effort into changing the environment concerning food for her family. They have gotten rid of processed and junk food, increased their time cooking as a family and focus on building their meals around foods groups that will help them thrive. However, her sweet and impressionable daughter perceived all of this as her mom viewing her as fat.

This sweet woman looked at me with tears filling her eyes asking what she did wrong.

I looked back at her and said… well, did you talk to her before making all of these changes?

She said… no!

And then I gave her a little input about how she can explain to her daughter why they are making these changes.

Ultimately, I walked away from the conversation so thankful that this woman chose to open up to me. Mainly because I think this problem happens often. I can’t imagine the number of either parents or children, who are concerned about the perception and/or message behind their families attempt to get healthy.

So what is the key then to make sure attempts are understood??? Communication! Yes, talk about it. Explain to your children and spouse that you are choosing to value health… emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Explain to them what that means and also what it looks like in day-to-day life. Ask their opinion about it, if they have any specific request in this journey and finally what they think.

It is so vital to keeping talking throughout the entire journey simply because our society has some very warped views of health. Therefore, continuing to talk to your children, and spouse about how everyone chooses to value health will create a safe place for people to be honest, an environment where people can grow together and also the reminder that our health (emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally) is our individual responsibility. So today I challenge you to talk… maybe it’s with someone in your home or maybe it’s a co-worker, extended family member, a neighbor or a friend. Who ever it is, ask them what their goals are and how they get to those goals, share with them yours and who knows, maybe we all could learn a thing or two today.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About

  1. Hey I enjoyed this post and want to let you know to keep up the good work. I have told three of my family members to check out your blog and 2 of my friends. I’ll keep spreading the word.

  2. I do believe communication is key Leah in all stages of life and that includes making decisions on eating healthy. Keep up the good work.

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