Weight Loss – Ella Style

Happy Thursday!!! It’s officially 2 weeks until I see Cooper and I can’t wait. This new journey of using being far from one another and learning to have a healthy relationship all the while, isn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done. But I also know I’m very fortunate, so I should stop complaining 🙂

So, back to the meat of today’s post… Ella and how she has been losing all of her weight. I know I told you before that my sweet younger sister has been taking care of herself and her health a few weeks ago but this girl is tearing it up and I wanted to share with all of you how.


She has so far lost 63 pounds and is hoping for another 60-70. She has more energy, looks fantastic and it’s all because of hard work.

About 6 months ago my sister called me and informed me that she was officially trying to lose weight. She asked about the types of things she should eat and even a few exercising tips. So I thought that today I could share with you what I shared with her.

*** Before starting any weight loss program or exercise routine, you should consult your doctor ***

Portion Control: As much as we would all love to be able to eat what ever we want when ever we want, the truth is that no matter how you approach losing weight, portion control is key. Whether you are cutting out fat, carbohydrates, gluten, dairy, meat or whatever else you might be able to come up with, portion control is still important. Make sure you are eating only until you are NOT HUNGRY rather than full.

Water: Drink lots of water… it’s good for you and helps maintain your metabolism. I personally don’t use the “8-8oz glasses of water a day” rule. Instead, I prefer to go by your body weight. In fact, let’s do a little equation together right now. If your body weight is 150 lbs divide that by 2, resulting in 75, therefore you should be drinking 75 oz. of water everyday.

Artificial Sweeteners: Get rid of it… no matter where it is. Soda, sugar free anything or any other avenue, artificial sweeteners slow down your metabolism and trick your brain into thinking your are consuming sugar so you just end up craving more sugar.

Exercise: It’s not rocket science but people don’t seem to do it. Exercise… any form will do, running, walking, swimming, playing a sport, calisthenics… just get that body of yours moving. In fact, if you can, exercise immediately when you wake up and then again before going to bed. Try to do you cardio (even if only for 20 min), in the morning with some strength or body weight exercise before going to bed. Try for only 2 weeks and I promise if nothing else , you will sleep better.

Well that’s it… that’s actually all she has been doing. And in 4 months she has lost almost 65 pounds. Amazing,!

How about you… what are your go-to lose a few pounds rules?

If you have lost a large amount of weight, how did you do it?


6 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Ella Style

  1. I usually join a gym and cut down on my sugar intake. I love to swim so that helps but the hardest I had to do was lose 30 pounds after having my song Briley.
    Congrats on Ella’s success. Tell her to keep it up and keep going.

  2. P.S. Hats off to you and Cooper for making a long distance relationship work. It must be hard but it’ll pay off in the end. Keep it up and never lose sight of what brought you two together in the first place. Remember that you could have been with anyone and you chose to be with each other for a reason. Don’t lose sight of that.

  3. Congrats to your sister and keep the relationship going strong between you and Cooper. Long distancr relationships are hard but they can be done. Wishing you two the best of luck.

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