For Jen

I’ve said from the get go that I love comments, questions and suggestions. And there has been one reader (Jen) who has been very good at doing just that. So today I post for Jen, to answer her questions and I also hope it shows any other readers just how much I appreciate questions.

So here we go…

Jen had asked how she can make her families favorite breakfast items such as eggs, toast, hash-browns, pancakes, bacon and so on, healthier.

Well Jen, I think my first direction on this one would be to make sure you are not frying up those eggs in canola or vegetable or corn oil. Stick to olive oil or coconut oil as this will cut down on the yucky and dangerous fats.

  • In terms of breakfast meat, go for uncured turkey versions. If that doesn’t sit well on your families taste buds, just make sure that you are using organic, grass fed meat and stick to small portions.
  • Toast and hash-browns are tricky… honestly, I’d say to get rid of the toast all together and just stick with hash-browns. If you could convince your family to eat sweet potatoes hash-browns that are baked rather then fried, well you just made the ideal healthy breakfast! If not, don’t sweat it and stick with baked white potato hash-browns. And if axing toast really isn’t an option, try for something like Ezekiel bread. It’s great because the ingredients are great quality like sprouted buck wheat and spelt. But no one will ever know.
  • Pancakes, waffles and other sugary carbohydrates are no goes in my house. When I do get crazy and eat pancakes, I use wellness mama’s coconut pancake recipe here. Other wise, it’s my opinion that those items are just garbage.
  • All in all, just remember to put on eat plate, some fruit, one carb (hash-browns or toast), one meat (bacon or sausage) and an egg. Portion control is also key. Make breakfast prep fun by including the little ones in the work and if you don’t tell them this is the healthy version, I won’t either.

The Mighty Avocado also brought up a good question from Jen…

I don’ like avocados, what else can I eat to get the benefits of the avocado.

Well Jen, you aren’t alone. Getting Cooper to eat an avocado would be the happiest day of my life and I’m not holding my breath for it.

  • The two greatest aspects of the avocado are the fat that they pack, and the vitamins they are full of. SO all you have to do to get the same benefits would be to get these to elements through other foods. The fats found in avocados are the same GOOD fats found in eggs, coconut oil, fresh olives and nut butters.
  • So the trick then is to combine one of these items with another items that will bring you all of the vitamins and anti-oxidants that the avocado also has. And the reason you want to combine (how the avocado naturally does), is because of the ability fat has to carry and release vital nutrients to our body at the perfect time. Much better in fact then any supplement can.
  • So let me ask you, what foods are rick in vitamins??? Fruits and vegetables! For instance, an egg, peach and tomato. Or, a salad of olives, fresh organic cheese, and tomato. How about nut butter as dip for celery and carrots. And lastly, that coconut pancake recipe I told you about above… that is a perfect choice as well. Eat only one with a cup of berries and you are golden.

Most people (including myself) are so fond of avocados partially because of their abilities to be turned into a sauce, dressing and so much more. But like all things when it comes to nutrition, imagination will get you far.

Can you come up with any ideas for Jen as to what she could eat that resembles the nutritional value of an avocado?

How about of topic of healthy breakfast?

What do you and your family eat and how do you make it healthier?


3 thoughts on “For Jen

  1. I feel so honored to be mentioned not only in a post but to have a whole post about me.
    You just made my day and I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into that.
    I loved the suggestions and I will honor you by letting you know how it goes once I try them with my family.

    Hugs and kisses Leah xoxoxoxo

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