The Avocado

The Avocado is a pretty powerful food. It is said to be the closest thing to human breast milk in terms of nutrients. Which brings me to something I recently read, in China it is rumored to be popular to drink human breast milk as an adult. This fad first started out as a medical treatment for individuals who were receiving treatments such as chemo and radiation, as it is often difficult for these patients to eat. The human breast milk became acceptable for these patients to consume due to it’s ability to sooth our G.I. tract, all the while deliver much needed nutrients.

Well leave it to humans to take a good thing and not know where to stop with it. Once it became known how expensive it is to hire a wet nurse to supply the milk, the wealthy in China started buying. Yes, wealthy people in China (for status reasons) are hiring wet nurses to supply them with human breast milk. Unfortunately, some even drink right “off the tap”.  And needless to say, this practice is becoming very controversial!

I have read some very interesting points of views as well as opinions on this matter. One individual showed his opinion with this cartoon…


And another said “Adults drinking human breast milk is probably as foreign to us as Miley Cyrus twerking is to them”.

In my personal opinion, I think this practice should be left only to those needing it for medical reasons (chemo and radiation patients), and perhaps a straw should be included in the procedure.

Anyways, back to Avocados… if Avocado’s are rich in the same nutritional properties as human breast milk… I think we are all VERY lucky to have so many markets near us that sell them.

Let’s go over what exactly is so great about these interesting fruits…

  1. Avocado’s are a complete protein.
  2. They have the good kind of fat in them… the kind that raises your good levels, lowers your bad and helps fight off cholesterol.
  3. They are full of carotenoids, which is some seriously high quality vitamin A.
  4. They are an anti-inflammatory food, which means they are great especially if you have an auto-immune disease.
  5. All around, avocados give you a grat bang for your buck nutritionally since you really only need about 1/2 of one to fill you up.

Do you enjoy eating avocados?

If so, how do you use them?

Have you ever tried any home remedies that involve avocados?


9 thoughts on “The Avocado

  1. I don’t like avocados but my husband does and he usually eats it in salads or sandwiches. What other option can one have to get the same benefits of avocado and the same nutrients if they do not like it?

  2. P.S. It is pretty disturbing that the wealthy are hiring women and drinking their milk right from their breasts.

    Some weird stuff the Chinese are into…weird stuff indeed.

  3. Stumbled on your blog via twitter and I must say I do like your articles.
    A few tips if you would like them:
    Work on your spelling as I see a few spelling errors in your posts, in today’s technology there is no reasons for spelling errors, especially a writer who builds his or her credibility on their writing.

    Secondly, throw some sort of prizes/games/competitions to get your name out there. People will come if they know that they may win something.

    Finally, never get discouraged… NEVER!!!
    It takes a long time (years) to build a fan base; especially in blogging.
    Without investing money to advertise, it is difficult to get your site out there. In a crowded world of blogging and in a dying world of blogging (no one really cares to read other people’s opinions and thoughts on topics and that’s what a blogs main purpose is for) it is tough to establish a fan base and keep readers coming back.

    Hope this helps as I am a huge blogger myself as well as an advocate for living healthy.

    Best of luck to you.

    • Hi there Autumn, first I’d like to thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you letting me know that you found me on twitter as it helps me assess what I am doing. I greatly appreciate also, your encouraging words as well as positive criticism. I have noticed in my own writing here and there but have gone on with my day rather than go back and edit my post, however I will definitely put more effort into this since I now see it as an importance to my readers. I will take into consideration giving away some sort of prize to readers. Again, thank you for your comments and please come back again.

  4. Love this post and I love avocados. I’m fairly a new visitor on your site since I only have been reading this blog for two weeks now.

    I find your blog to be insightful and very useful. I look forward to reading your new entries (-:

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