Slight Confession

I am very fortunate to live the life that I do. It isn’t anything exceptionally exciting or extravagant, but it is my life. Today as I sit on this air plane going back home, I am completely in aw of how lucky we are here in America. My “sadness” for today is that I am leaving Coop and my “dilemma” for today is whether I should eat the slim jim sitting in my purse. I am truly blessed.

As this plane took off a few minutes ago, I looked out my window to see the earth in a way that most people in this world never get to see it. I looked around me to see a plane only 1/3 full. I don’t feel nervous about being out in public as a young woman by myself because I live in a country in which men generally speaking, respect women and care for us.

DO you ever think about these things?

Do you ever realize that we complain about being “out of shape” when really the issue is that we have too much to eat? – I know I am at fault on this one.

How about the fact that if we want, we can go run up to a store and buy new clothing… or a gift for a loved one… or even a book to read.

I am in aw today at my own selfishness. At my own ability to take things for granted such as my health and education in a time when it is such a valuable thing.

Slight confession – I had to look at a map today to find where Syria is. Yes, in a time when most people won’t stop talking about Syria, I didn’t even know where it is. And that my friend is pure ignorance on my part.

I believe being whole, being well isn’t just about the physical but also about the mental, emotional and spiritual. And if I’m honest with you, I haven’t been doing my part lately. Yes, I have been running  a lot and investing in relationships, but I haven’t been challenging myself like I could mentally and I definitely haven’t been savoring some very important moments.

I have just been taking life for granted in areas where I shouldn’t be lately… and for me, for my well-being, that isn’t ok.

This year is a big year for me… I finish school, my little princess started kindergarten yesterday which means life will be greatly affected by that, I’ll be getting married, moving away from my family, and starting some pretty cool new jobs. I pray that I don’t let the richness of this season of life pass me by. I hope I can be refined and that my flaws can be made into beautiful God like character.

Maybe this year isn’t a “big one: for you. Maybe it is. Either way, commit today with me to making the most of it. Let’s allow ourselves to be made whole by our circumstances and to learn from every aspect of our life.

Happy Hump Day Everyone and be encouraged that no matter where you are today, spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically… you are not alone!


7 thoughts on “Slight Confession

  1. It’s not ignorance just different things for different folks. I don’t know much of medical terminology because I am not a doctor and I do not sit around reading medical books. Someone may not know much about technology and someone else may know all about medical stuff and technology stuff.
    You know much about nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle so do not beat yourself up over not knowing where Syria is located. Many Americans do not know either.

    Thank you for this post because I do think about how lucky we are that in America we have enough money to eat too much and then enough money to pay a gym membership to lose the weight we gained. That blows my mind when you compare that to some pictures of African kids, Indian kids, or even Latin America kids who are just skin and bones.

    Another great post Leah…keep up the good work and know that you have readers who LOOK FORWARD to your writing.

  2. Don’t you worry about what you know and don’t know. As reader Tammy stated: we all know things we are passionate about, you know about nutrition and that’s why we visit your blog frequently.

    You’re a beautiful soul and a down to earth person and you’re smart in the things that your readers care about 🙂

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