Ella’s Success!

My sister, Ella has officially lost 50lbs. She knew before I did that Coop was going to propose and has made great efforts since to lose some weight for that special night. That motivation has turned into a complete life style haul which has resulted in her losing a medium size 5 year old.

Congrats girl, you beat the statistics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For anyone who is struggling in their weight loss journey, keep going. A pound today and another next week adds up to success in the long run. And along the way, you r mind will be a completely different and strong mind.

Ella had her tonsil’s out this week and is having a rough go. Please keep her in your prayers, And be encouraged by her story if you need it today and this weekend.



2 thoughts on “Ella’s Success!

  1. You two are beautiful. I can’t believe she has so much determination. Can you imagine the transformation when she gets to her goal? Let’s hope she gets there and keeps it off

    • My sister always has been an extremely stubborn and determined person. I always knew that the minute she decided she was going to change her health she would and we all better get out of her way. Sure enough, she is doing it and there is no stopping her.

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