Nashville’s Farmers Market

Two words: In Love!

Yep, that pretty much sums it up, I am completely in love with Nashville’s Farmers Market. It was something I only dreamt of and to add to it, everyone was unbelievably kind and didn’t seem to be bothered my my many questions I had for them about how they grow, where they grow and what they grow. It was pure bliss friends.

Here are a few shots of the wonderful-ness!

Some really cool info about the set up of the Market in Nashville…

Where you sell you produce in the tent is based on 3 details.

  1. You grew it
  2. You brought it
  3. You made it

I found this to be amazing. One thing I learned this last year about Michigan Market’s is that you don’t have to grow it to sell it. And honestly, I was bothered by that. To me, buying from a second party makes the experience no different than if I go to a local supermarket and buy produce there. I completely understand the logistics of it, however it was very nice to shop at a market that labeled their produce correctly so that I could then choose what I wanted to buy through educated decisions.

Nashville has a voucher system.


I kept noticing this sign at the market so I asked an older gentleman whom I thought was a farmer about it. Sure enough the older gentleman was the owner of the farm who was selling produce and he was kind enough to tell me all about the voucher program that one of the counties Nashville has set up. Disabled individuals (whether mental or emotional) as well as the elderly are given vouchers for Tennessee produce. These individuals can go to participating farmers and trade their vouchers for locally grown produce. The program was explained to me as one that strives to help those in need in a way that will support their recovery and/or maintenance of true health as well as help the community farming population. The farmers then turn into the vouchers to the county who passes them out for the full price of their produce.

How cool is that? I love that the county is giving individuals the opportunity to eat real food that will nourish. I also love that the county values their farming population as well as the economic benefits of people buying local. Lucy (my mom) and Coop had to practically drag me away from the Market but I plan on making it a regular stop! My dad is also very much a Market lover and when I got home I told him all about it and how excited I am for him and I to go down to Nashville and spend a nice chunk of time at the Market… exploring the delicious food and experiencing the conversation with the many farmers.

Do you go to a farmer’s market near you?

If so which and what type of set up as well as programs do they run for to benefit the community?


3 thoughts on “Nashville’s Farmers Market

  1. I am purposely not going here until you come and visit me and we will go together 😉

    It is amazing that they have a voucher program for individuals who need help in different areas of life. I am proud to have become a Nashvillian 😀

  2. That sounds and looks amazing.
    I normally go to a local grocery store but willnow look to find any farmers market around.
    I am not much of a veggie eater though but I do like fruit.

    • Hey there Jen, I also like the fact that Farmer’s Markets are so interactive which can be really great for little ones. When starting out on veggies, shoot for sweet potatoes (because they are sweet) and also crisp and refreshing veggies such as cucumbers and tomatoes. And great job on loving fruit!!!!!

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