Cooper and I had our engagement pictures taken (above).

I had a great interview for a great job at a local hospital and got it!

Coop moved to Nashville for his dream job!!!

SO much has happened in the last 2 weeks and I am sorry I haven’t been posting. I feel like I am just now getting back to normal. All of the changes that have been going on have been wonderful and I am so thankful to God for each one of them however my world has been flipped upside down without a doubt. 

Let’s start with the engagement pictures. Well, they made this wedding feel real and like it’s actually happening. The pictures turned out beautiful and if you are in the metro-Detroit area I highly recommend using the woman who did ours! Her name is Jennifer Wiseman and she took so much time to ask us what we wanted and even research multiple locations for the pictures. We ended up going to Starbucks (Cooper is a caffeine ingesting machine), and got some really cool and unique shots there. Then we headed over to a park she knew of that had everything you could think of; water, a wooded area, a brick building, train tracks, a stone path and so much more. Feel free to contact me if you would like to see more of our pictures and definitely shoot her an email at { jenn7565 (at) yahoo (dot) come } – it’s formatted that way so she doesn’t get any spammers.

Three days later, I had a job interview at a local hospital. Because I live in such a large metro-area, there are SO many hospitals around. And in the last few years I have noticed (I have volunteered at most of them) a major shift in the foundation of patient care in these hospitals from patient centered to profit centered. It has really broken my heart and even slightly discouraged me. However, there has been this one hospital that has always caught my attention, they not only are patient care centered but they are also holistic in the sense that they believe healing comes in the form of body, mind and spirit, I was elated to get the interview and ecstatic when I got a phone call while I was in Nashville that I was first pick for the job. Like most things in life, I don’t know how this job will lead me to my passion and next stage of life but I’m sure it will and I’m so excited for the process to start. I’m also really happy that I get the privilege of working for an organization I can believe in because of their core values, I know that isn’t the case for many people and I feel so blessed for that as well.

Finally, Nashville and the move!!!!! It was long, hard and successful! We moved down there in 2 cars and with only the gracious help of my mom – Lucy. Honestly, we couldn’t have done it without her. We left Michigan at 5:30 in the morning so that we could beat as much traffic as possible and get to Nashville as Coop still had to sign his lease.  

——-    By the way, his name isn’t really Cooper… but his job is a sensitive job when it comes to details so that is what he is called here. I realized a minute ago that people that actually know my in person may read this and think I”m a bit off my rocker so I thought I would explain.   ——  

Anyways, Coop was able to sign the lease and then we immediately started unloading the the cars. After we got everything unloaded, Lucy, Coop and I made a trip up to Walmart. Another side note – the south has some very different stores than the north and it is mind blowing, like driving around for 40 minutes slightly concerned that you are lost yet still looking for a Kroger kind of mind blowing! Also, Tenn doesn’t allow grocery stores to sell wine! Take note all, this will also save you much emotional pain as well as gas. 

Back to Walmart, we spent a lot of money, but we got SO much of what he needed. You see Coop didn’t live on his own before the move so we went down there with only my “extra’s” that I have accumulated from my moves. At one point we both looked at Lucy with sheer concern on our faces when we totaled up the cost for all the “stuff”. Seriously, it was wonderful to have her there because it was moments like that in which she assured us that this is what happens, we weren’t spending money of nothing and it is expensive to start off! 

This process what a bit of an emotional one for me and needless to say I lacked most logic for the most of it! The next 2 days were filled with trips up to Target (thank the sweet Lord Jesus that the south has Target, lots of Target!!!!!) and Walmart, as well as putting together much furniture. Oh yeah, we made a trip to a furniture store. 

Let me take this minute to quickly explain that Cooper and I are both type A personalities. He definitely is, I would say I slightly am. I think when you grow up in a large family like I did with older brothers who think they are your dad and a younger sister who kind beats you up a lot, your type “A” personality becomes slight at the risk of your losing your mind. Coop and I both like list’s, we LOVE quiet time that involves reading and planning, we try to make our decisions in life based on prayer and logic. We think things through to a point that drives most people insane and saving money is a hobby of ours. My family (In love and sarcasm) thinks we are boring and we are just A’OK with that! All of this is to say that these last 2 weeks have been unbelievably difficult for us. But I can’t tell you how many times I have been stopped in a moment to realize the graciousness of God. The love He has for us and how He is continuously showing up when we need His guidance and direction so badly. SO much of the last 3 months of our lives have include more unknowns than ever before. Yet everyday, our God has shown us His mercy in providing for us in all ways. It has provided me with the opportunity to fall in love with Coop again and again as well as realize the importance of my relationship with the Lord. This difficult process has become a sweet one and I am so thankful for that.

By day 3 of being in Nashville, the apartment was looking like a home, so we went out! It was so much fun to show Lucy the city a bit and it was exciting to think about how in the future we would be able to have people come visit us and have such a great place to show people! I had heard so much about the Nashville farmers market so it didn’t take me long to convince Coop and Lucy that we needed to go check it out! Let me sum it up for you quickly – AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so great in fact that I am going to do a special post just of the market!!!!

It was really hot that day, so after the market I think we just ended up back at the apartment and ordered pizza that night. The next day we headed to downtown Nashville and got to explore a bit! I think the best part of the trip though was talking to Cooper about his new job after his first day of work. 

Cooper works for Homeland Security and is a Federal Officer, he gets to see a lot of things that most people don’t get to and he specializes in deception analysis.  Like I said earlier, a lot of the details of his job aren’t allowed to be spoken about publicly especially on the internet… but I’ll tell you, I have NEVER heard my fiance talk about what he does from 9-5 with so much excitement. I am so unbelievably proud of him and his accomplishments. A lot of people don’t know this but he didn’t come to America until he was 11 years old. He is however a proud American citizen and considers himself an American. He is currently 1 semester away from having a Master’s degree in psychology and wants to go on even further in his education. He really has faced a lot of opposition in his life but doesn’t let a bit of it keep him from where he wants to be in life. It is so rewarding to sit back and watch him reap the benefits of his many wise choices and all of his hard work.

This next year is going to continue to be a big year for Cooper and I… I can’t wait to marry that man, move to Nashville and have both of us working in our dream career fields. Thank you for being gracious to me in this busy time and I can’t wait to share with you all the details of life as it continues to happen.



5 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I loved this post, definitely your best one yet 😉
    Ok so I am a little biased since it was mainly about me 😛

    Regardless, I am BEYOND thankful for your help and your mom’s help. Without you two, I couldn’t have done all or any of this.
    I definitely miss you tremendously and cannot wait to see you again. Thank you for being proud of me and falling in love with me all over again as I do with you.

    I CANNOT TO MAKE YOU MY BRIDE and share every moment of life with you.

    I love you angel!

  2. Aweee congrats to you and your fiancée, I am sure he is super excited and I believe he will do great and accomplish great things.

    I adore the comments he leaves on your blog and its so cute. You two are adorable and I am glad you are up and running again. I have visited yoursite but you hadn’t posted much so I thought maybe you gave up.

    Looking forward to new reads.

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