The Great Drink Debate

drink debate


** This post contains my opinions as well as current news that has been cited, please comment only kindly. Feel free to post your opinion but please be conscious that as humans we generally respond best to love and understanding. Although this post does have to do with politics, please realize that is not the intent of the conversation.**

Lately, the topic of soda is making a big splash in the news! All that is happening is actually really part 2 of the story.

In May of this year, the Mayor of New York city attempted to put legal regulations on the amount of soda an individual can purchase. This proposal was shut down by the court system on Tuesday (July 28th) do to violating the states separation of powers (cite).

Like expected, this news is becoming quite the dinner table talk! And I have to say, as someone who is a lover of all things health and sustainability, I am very torn on the subject.

I’ve confessed to all of you before that I am a mere human, who eats pizza at times, drinks a glass of wine once in a while and loves cupcakes… and because of that, I don’t think I like this attempt to regulate.

I came from a large family, and much of the time money was tight. My parents worked very hard to provide for us what they did and one of my fondest memories was of our family nights. These nights often included video games, a movie or even board games. Theses night also included something special like pizza or other take-out/fast-food. Generally speaking, this would also be the rare occasion we drank soda. And for any large family, usually a 2-liter is what takes care of the amount issue. I genuinely look forward to someday having my own family night with my children, and hopefully their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents can be a part of it at times as well.

The regulation of soda, would in fact directly effect a families ability to do have these types of nights. You see, rather than a 2-liter, or sometimes a few 2-liters depending on the amount of people, families would need many or multiple cans of sodas. This would increase the tax for the over all bill, this would also eventually effect the question of “pick-up or delivery”. A man with two arms (that’s usually how many the pizza guy has), cannot carry 2 large pizza, bread sticks and 6 cans of soda, or better yet 8 small bottles of soda. And although this doesn’t seem like a big deal, you and I both know that convenience is a wonderful thing for full time working parents.

Now please understand, I am not a soda drinker. I probably have 10 oz. of coke throughout the entire year. But part of being an American (in my opinion) is the fact that we stand up for the other guys who may live a little differently then us, look different or act different and say, hey… let’s not take their rites away because it “bothers” me. I understand that obesity is on the rise which leads to high health insurance for everyone as well as a less effective work force due to metabolic illnesses resulting in more sick days. But guess what, whether you make it “harder” on someone to drink 75 oz. of soda a day or not… if people want to do so, they will.

The great drink debate isn’t about life or death, it isn’t about religious views, it’s about a small group of people who drink a lot of soda and the efforts to try and make them stop doing it. I highly doubt that the man who has drank 75 oz. of soda every day for the last 10 years is going to stop because now he has to carry a box of cans to his car from the grocery store rather than 2-liters.

What are your thoughts on this great debate?

Do you have any ideas on how this issue could be resolved?


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