I am not a personal or certified trainer, and definitely do not claim to be one.  Once upon a time I worked at a gym and it was definitely one of my favorite jobs. I love a challenge as well as exercising and do wonderfully when I combine the two. So last night I took the opportunity to create a workout/exercise calendar for myself and the month of August.

I decided I would do a bit of an intense training calendar since Cooper will be leaving in one week from today for Nashville, which means I will have some serious down time before school starts back up in a few weeks. On top of a running schedule to accomplish a goal of 6 miles in 70 minutes, I also snagged an idea I saw from pinterest to tackle a nice crunches challenge.

I’m sure I will have a day here or there that doesn’t pan out the way I planned for it to go but that is expected as I am not perfect and life is… well, life! Another quick note, I will be doing some traveling in the month of August so I planned according to that. It’s so nice to know that this month I won’t have to do anything but look at a piece of paper to be directed in my exercising. What a relief and gift of time!

I hope you can find some sort of inspiration from this calendar and if you do enjoy it please let me know so that I can do more in months to come!

aug calendar 2013


5 thoughts on “August

    • Hey Jen, I should have specified in the post… I do my cardio (walking or running) in the morning immediately after waking up, my strength training gets done when I come home from work and the ab challenge happens right before going to bed. It definitely is a lot but I’m really trying to not stress the first month that Cooper is gone and I think this will be my best bet to do so.

  1. I think that it is crazy for your “off” day, you still have stuff to do.

    I love the design of the calendar. I would say I’d try it out but I’m not fit enough for it.

    • Hi Tammy, glad to see you again!!! You have been missed 🙂 Thank you for the compliment on the design, this calender can definitely be altered to meet any fitness level. Take for instance the cardio portion (walk and running)… cut the mileage in half and walk all days. You can also alter the ab challenge by cutting the number of crunches in half. I’ll be posting throughout the month what my strength training looks like each day to give you a better idea of what I’m really doing. It seems like a lot but it doesn’t have to be to this “extreme”, progress will come to any time of routine if consistency is included.

      • Yes please keep your readers posted because I will try to do this little by little and increase my amounts as much as I can.

        And btw, I’ve thank you for noticing my absence. It makes me (just another reader of your blog) feel special and like I’m a somebody.

        I have told my girlfriends about your blog. I dunno if they’ve read it yet but they should 🙂

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