A Carrot a Day…



A carrot a day keeps the lady cramps away!

That’s right ladies, it’s the truth. Carrots are known to be packed full of health benefits, including reducing and for some even eliminating menstrual cramps. I heard this some time ago, I believe it was actually from mama natural. so today I tried over and over to find out the reason why.

Well friends, I failed you in it. Actually, I’m going to blame it on the interweb. Yes, it’s definitely the interwebs fault!

Anyways, although I didn’t find out why it is that carrots keep the lady cramps away, I did find 4 other amazing health benefits that will make just about anyone crack a stick to chew on… well, a carrot stick that is!

1. In a recent 10 year study done by a group in the Netherlands, carrots were found to reduce Cardio Vascular Disease (or CVD as they call it). This study came about as this group looked at foods according to color and how they effect our health. The orange food group (think pumpkin, carrots, peppers) won as the healthiest heart vegetables.

2. I’m sure you have heard of carotenoids being in carrots. What you may not have heard is how they work inside of you body. Carotenoids are antioxidents, and they play a very unique role in our body. Imagine you body as a house, and imagine carotenoids as your favorite child. You favorite child is a neat freak and they don’t let their siblings or dad bring ANY unneeded junk or extra stuff (think viruses, bad bacteria or cancer causing cells) into the house. If junk is brought into the house for some reason, they do a great job of loading it up in a garbage bag and hauling outside. Then, you favorite child goes back into the house and clean the wall the junk may have been on, vacuum the floor it may have touched and so on. Magnificent isn’t it!! See how valuable carrots can be!

3. Carrots have polyacetylenes in them. Don’t worry, I’m not making words up… I promise. Polyacetylenes help make sure that carotenoids can properly do their job. Let’s go back to that favorite child scenario again. Imagine now that you favorite child is allergic to peanuts. Polyacetylenes go around all day everyday making sure that no one comes into the house with peanuts. No one, ever!!! Some foods have the antioxidants in them but very few have the ability to support the antioxidant like carrots do.

4. If you were anything like I was as a child, then you were convinced that bunny rabbits had the best vision of all the animal kingdom. That may have been due to my sweet little Italian grandpa, and the hours we would sit outside watching any and all creatures that came our way. When I learned that this fact is false I’m pretty sure I was in denial. The good news is that he was kind of right! Carrots definitely do enhance you vision, but not to the extreme we played it up to be. And just between you and I, despite me knowing the truth, I’m still telling my children the story my grandpa told me!

So there you have it friends, carrots are officially a super food in my book. Not only does it do all of these wonderful things, but it also really does help with menstrual cramps. I know because I’m living proof!


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