A Case Of The Moo’s

I was at the pool this last weekend with Cooper when I saw a little boy, who I regularly see and talk with his mom, but Sunday I noticed a little something on his belly. This little boy is so happy, active and smart as a whip. He and the little one I take care of get a long very well and have a bit of a friendship/bond. After I asked his sweet mom about what I noticed on his belly (it was slightly high so I sadly thought it could have been a port for cancer), she told me that this little guy has Cystic Fibrosis. His type however is accompanied by gastrointestinal issues.

So after fighting for 5 years now with his little body to gain weight and keep it on, the parents finally decided to just get a G.I. tube so that they could supplement his calories everyday. You see, this little guy needs 2500 calories a day and he has a dairy allergy. I don’t know about you but I’ve helped raise over 10 kids now and they are picky eaters no matter how obedient and hungry. Twenty-five hundred calories is more than a lot for a little one to consume every day. When you throw into the mix that he can’t have dairy ( a huge source of fat for little ones), life get’s tricky.

The conversation ended with both this sweet mom and I needing to leave to wash our eyes out because it was so hot out, sweat and sunscreen had been dripping into our eyes. But I left thinking. Thinking about nutrition and how it is, whether realized or not a huge part of everyone life. In fact, it is such a huge part that our nutrition effects those around us.

  • It effects the people’s wealth whom we buy our food from.
  • It effects our family members, if we get sick often, when we have them over to eat, or even when we go to them and say “Oh, I can’t eat that”
  • It effects the medical field when we go in to complain to our doctor about this tummy problem or that skin irritation.
  • It effects our children view and perspective on food.
  • It even effects our significant others ability to eat when they are around us. Think of poor Al and how I’m sure he would love pizza here and there but we simply can’t eat it because, well… I can’t.

Nutrition and food is such a huge part of our lives. You can choose to see it as a good and large part of your life today so that positive choices can be made about it and eventually positive results. Or you can view is as just a part, not anything of urgency and the benefits will mirror that decision.

Let’s view food today as something positive, important, exciting and urgent today!

*** Did You Know: cow’s milk when treated with the hormone rBST (it will be labeled that it does NOT contain this if that is the case) is often the source of adult acne, hormonal imbalance, I.B.S. symptoms and tooth pain. Just something to think about***


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