“Bad” Food

I keep hearing the same conversation in the world of healthy living. It seems to go like this…

Opinion A: I made good for me pizza last night.

Think cauliflower crust pizza

Opinion B: You wouldn’t have to make it if you just ate real pizza once in a while.

Opinion A: But this way I can eat pizza often.

Opinion B: If you eat “good” pizza often, over time it’s just the same as eating real pizza regularly.

And then it seems like a million other people who claim to be educated in health chime in and its like that song that never ends… it just goes on and on my friend!

Can I be a mix of opinion A & B? I think that makes me a people pleas-er. I also think that I’ve been rambling lately on this here interweb so I apologize if that makes things difficult around here!

Any who!!! Back to that combination of A & B! As I shared with you all yesterday, my roommate/grandmother/lifeboss has a few different taste buds than I do backed up by some very large opinions. Let me just quickly paint you a picture!

She likes salt and fat, and I try to stay away from those things.

We like fruits and vegetables, and by we I mean she likes fruit and I love vegetables!

She loves pork, I love chicken.

She puts just a little sugar on her cereal in the morning yet somehow goes through a pound of sugar in 3 weeks tops.

Things making sense yet? So guess what I do… I trick her, yes I trick her by making unhealthy food semi healthy! I know, I know that probably makes me a bad care giver but seriously I’ll balloon up if I eat the way she wants US to. About once a week, I use my gluten allergy in all of it’s glory to steer dinner the way I would like it to go. Last night I did this and I swear it was like God came down himself and flashed me a smile. The reviews for this meal were something I never dreamt of happening. Not only did my fiance ask me to please make this more often, but my roommate/grandma/lifeboss ate every bite AND asked if there was any left over today.

Told you it was glorious in the way I would image God’s smile to be!

I made deep fried chicken with corn on the cob, greens beans and watermelon! Ready for it… I breaded the chicken in corn flakes and egg whites, then pan fried for 1 minute on each side in coconut oil. Once crispy I bakes in the oven until the chicken was cooked through. That’s right… no trans fats, no grains, cut out the egg cholesterol, no salt yet the crispiest and juiciest “deep fried breaded chicken” all 3 of us have ever had.

I’m not going to lie, I felt amazing when I went t bed last night. And since I didn’t expect such wonderful results… I have no pictures. But from the sounds of things, I’ll be making it again!

I’m sure you have probably heard of this “diet breaded chicken” before… probably on pinterest. I’m telling you though, you need to try this. It’s wonderfully, amazingly, fabulously delicious!

Do you ever make any good for you “bad” food?

If so, what do you make?

I think my opinion on the subject is that if I am going to enjoy life and people I will have to eat things like pizza or cheesecake a few times a year. And then probably once a month I find it worth my time to make some healthifide “bad” food. But that’s just my opinion!


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