Veggies for breakfast

If you follow me on twitter, then you often see my breakfast due to the pictures I take of it. And if you have yet to catch it, I eat a vegetable with my breakfast every morning. Ok, well not EVERY morning but 9 times out of 10.

Usually my breakfast’s go something like this, an egg, tomato and an apple or berries. That’s right I eat an egg EVERY day for breakfast. I love them, I simply cannot get enough of them. They are packed with SO much goodness and wonderful nutrition proportions. And did you know that when you eat an egg for breakfast every morning it comes with a side of “roommate concern”?

Yes, that’s right… if your roommate happens to be my 87 year old grandmother then every day that she see’s you eating an egg she will explain to you yet again that you are going to die if you keep eating those eggs. Apparently, my doctors (although they have never told ME) have diagnosed me with terribly high Cholesterol.  It’s ok though, she does this will all of you food “fads” as she calls them. In fact, let me just tell you all of her theories quickly! If I keep taking my iron supplement, well I will continue to be infertile (I have never been told by any health professionals that I have any fertility issues), and by the way she keeps recommending I tell my fiance about this diagnoses so that he can leave me if having children is that great of a priority in his life. She also believes that all the chicken I eat will constipate me and that I’m going to catch something (what, no one knows… just something) from any and all venison I consume. She means well, I am sure of that!

ANYWAYS… back to vegetables for breakfast. Vegetables contain something called cellulose. Cellulose is a form of fiber and it is wonderful at helping you body unlock fat. That’s right, fat!

Beware, things are going to get a little “gross”.

Cellulose is a form of insoluble fiber and this type of fiber binds water to the nutrient waste within your intestine making you stool soft-er and easy to pass. More or less, insoluble fiber (Cellulose) makes sure you won’t be constipated. And for any one who has tried a low card diet for any period of time (more than 6 weeks), you know the value of being able to use the rest room.

Cellulose also helps unlock fat to be burned by your body. When we need energy, we use the most readily available form in our body which is glucose. This is sugar in it’s simplest form. The problem that can occur is that when you have a carbohydrate rich diet, your body never breaks down and uses the fat to fuel itself. This is especially important when an individual is trying to lose fat. The cellulose in vegetables help in this effort by making fat within our body a readily available source for energy. Pretty cool!

So eat some veggies for breakfast! They are so good for you, and I find that what I eat for breakfast (the types of fat, carbs and protein) I crave for the rest of the day. By lunch, if I ate veggies for breakfast, I’m craving more!


3 thoughts on “Veggies for breakfast

  1. Oh my goodness, this is by far the funniest thing I have read off your blog. I kind of want to meet your “roomate” lol she will probably diagnose me as too obese and will die in the next year.

    As far as veggies for breakfast goes, I completely agree and will have to try to eat more for myself. I usually do cereal, coffee, and fruits.
    Great post!

    • Hey there Tammy, she definitely is a trip. I love her and am very thankful for her despite my complaints. When I heard about vegetables for breakfast, well I honestly thought it was one of the stupid-er things I’ve ever heard. Now however, I’m addicted. I find tomatoes, spinach and peppers the easiest to incorporate with eggs. I have also done tings such as cucumbers slices topped with guacamole for breakfast before too and although it isn’t “breakfast food” it definitely is delicious.

  2. “And by the way she keeps recommending I tell my fiancé about this diagnoses so that he can leave me if having children is that great of a priority in his life.”

    Maybe you should tell me incase that should matter 😛

    In all seriousness though, you are the VERY best thing that has ever happened to me and will continue to happen to me. I wouldn’t ever leave you for the world and everything in it.
    P.S. even though I may never comment on your posts, does not mean that I do not read them. I frequently visit this site everyday and love what you present to your readers.

    Love ya babe!
    Keep up the good work!

    Always & Forever!

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