Made To Crave

I’m currently reading this amazing book called Made To Crave by Lysa Terkeurst! It’s about the humanistic desires or cravings we have and how more often than not, especially in a society and country that is blessed, we overindulge in food to replace what we actually need. What actually fills and satisfies this craving is God.

Now please let me state something, I believe in God as well as Jesus Christ as my savior. This blog is not about that, however that (Jesus) will and does pour into all areas of my life. I don’t believe you have to be apart of a certain denomination to know God and I don’t think that my relationship with God is perfect. It is my relationship with the Lord, so it will and probably should look slightly different than your relationship with God.

The reasons for me wanting to state the above are; I do not want to offend any one with my beliefs, or make any one feel that I view them as less than because our beliefs do not line up, AND I want to clear up any questions you may have in case you have questions about what I believe or something deeper, yet you are afraid to ask them because I haven’t made my faith clear and you are afraid to offend me!

SO back to the book… whether you are a Christian or not, I promise you can find truth and insight within these pages. For me, so far, I have learned the following.

  1. What is my reality may not be my idealology and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
  2. Any and all relationships I have with food are created by me, maintained by me and can be changed by me.
  3. My view and/or perspective of my body should not be based on anything that society says about health and wellness.

Reality vs. Idealology:

I can speak with many women about when they work out, many will say that the best time to work out is in the morning. For me however, I currently do not work out in the morning… if I put all my hopes into working out in the morning and than do not do so, I often feel defeated and like a failure for this. This often results in the shifting of my daily “to do” list and at the end of the day I have either not worked out due to stress or have completed my workout but am extremely stresses and tires. It is better for me to recognize that the IDEAL time to work out is in the morning but the REALISTIC time for me to work out is in the afternoon immediately after coming home from work. The result will be that I not only complete my workout that day, but also that I foster a healthy relationship for myself about/with working out.

Another example would be my food allergies. Although I would ideally love a cupcakes, realistically I will not only feel bloated and sick the next morning for eating one but I will also crave sugar the next day. Therefore, the reality is simply that the cupcake should b reserved only for special occasions as well as rare occasions.

Relationship with Food:

Food is fuel. If you have been reading my blog for long, I’m sure you have read this here before. FOOD IS FUEL! The minute I choose to look at food as anything other than that, only I am responsible for the consequences that come with that. If I allow myself to view food as medication, comfort, the evil one and so on and so forth, well I will have to deal with the consequences of controlling my mind in that way. The consequences because from our thoughts are actions formed, and from our actions come habits.

Society’s Perspective:

Society has a lot to say. It tells us how we should think, talk, live, eat, walk, dress… you name it, society tells us how to do these things. Now please understand that I am not advocating rebellion but rather self-confidence. Society says that I am fat, actually according to my BMI and the American Medical Association I am overweight. If you and I were to go running, you would find out that I can run 2 miles – that is not “Unhealthy”. If we were to go to the doctors today, you would see my panels come back healthy.

From these observations, you would kindly tell me that I am fine, that I don’t NEED to lose weight and that I am healthy. Now the truth of the matter is that I do want to lose 15 lbs. And that is because I want to feel wonderful at my wedding as 250 people are staring at me walk down an aisle. Other than that reason, my perception of my body should be based on truth rather than what some society says.

See… I told the book is good! I highly recommend that you check it out. I got my copy on sale at the local Christian bookstore but my guess is that it’s in libraries by now.




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