Olives and Traveling


Once upon a time, my family was traveling back from up-state New York to our hometown in Detroit. About an hour away from home I really made a memory for our family and threw up all over my brother. Ever since then, I have struggled with motion sickness.

On our way back from Nashville this past weekend, my motion sickness got so bad that Al had to make a quick stop at Rite Aid for some Dramamine, a dog bed (to fold up and use as a pillow) and a light blanket. He sure does treat me well! Sure enough, I was passed out in the backseat within 30 minutes and fine the rest of the trip home.

Today however, I got to thinking… if Al ends up in Nashville, I will probably be making that 600 miles trip every other month or so. And true to my holistic health passion, I really would prefer not to have to pop all that Dramamine. Now I know some people may think this sounds ridiculous however my guess is that newly pregnant women would agree that nausea isn’t an option for 3 months and neither is popping pills for that long.

After a bit of research, I found out that green olives are packed with something called tannins, and these little guys help in reducing the production of saliva to help in stopping the feeling of nausea. When someone (such as myself) starts to feel nauseous it is often because the inner ear sends confusing signals to the brain. More often than not, this results in increased saliva production that stimulates acid production within the stomach. Therefore, the tannins in olives will stop the over production of saliva and the acid within the stomach is never produced. The key to olives helping correctly is that the olives MUST be eaten at the first sign of motion sickness and/or nausea.

So there you have it. Next time you are traveling or experience nausea give olives a try. Worst case scenario is that they don’t work and you have to reach for the Dramamine.


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