Lime Love

I have been on a lime streak lately like crazy, and it’s not anything that will be changing. Limes are unbelievably flavorful and quite the super food to. I use them on almost all of my meat to add flavor since quitting salt in last few weeks. I also use lime juice on any grains to help ease the digestion process for my body. And guess what else I use lime juice for – to boost my metabolism and give me self a little morning head start. Limes have great health benefits and here are some more of them.

Vitamin C – limes pack a nice punch in the vitamin C department. A single lime gives up about 20mg of Vitamin C which is 32% of our daily requirement. This comes in handing for fighting illnesses such as colds and other viruses as well as infections.

Skin Care – between the Vitamin C in limes as well as the flavonoids it provides in it’s oil, limes offer anti-oxidants to help rejuvenate skin. It’s flavonoids also help decrease the amount of body odor that is produced. But it get’s better, limes offer the perfect type of acid to aid in skin ailments such as dandruff, rashes and bruising.

Natural Fat Burner – that’s right fat burner. Lime juice helps to naturally unlock fat within cells.

Digestion and Constipation – lime juice serves as the proper acid to help breakdown and bypass product that tends to build up within your gut. This is why I often add lime juice to my rice or pasta’s while cooking.

Decongestant – if you are feeling stuffy, simple slice up a lime and after squeezing a bit of the juice inhale some of the aroma. The flavonoids will help your respiratory system kick start doing it’s proper job.

Convinced yet to start using limes?

If you do already use limes to benefit your health, how do you and what else am I missing that makes lime juice so great?


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