My Beef With Beef


I’m a meat eater. I always have been and would put my money on me always being one in the future. I crave it. Red meat especially. And I think that probably has to due with my difficulty to store iron. But lately, I have been VERY disappointing in beef. It seems so fake.

My fiance and I are very passionate about food and it being real. The less antibiotics, chemicals and other harmful substances used on it, the more we like it. In the summer we try to shop at farmers markets and buy local produce as much as possible. And we are very blessed to be able to more expenses around so that this doesn’t break us financially.

But lately, even the good beef just seems to blah!

This is why we have decided to find, meet, talk to and buy from a local farmer who we feel we can build a trusting relationship with. In the future, we will be moving out of state and our intention is to do the same thing there (wherever that may be) as well.

Al (my fiance) and I came to this conclusion after reading many articles about this topic, so I thought I would pass this information along to you. And quite frankly, this information only confirmed what our taste buds were telling us, which was simply that we had some serious beef with beef.

4 reasons to eat organic beef

The new beef

Kind-er beef

How about you… have you noticed any differences in the quality of food where you live?

Where do you generally do your shopping at?

Is there anything – in terms of information – that you have come across lately that has made you think twice about what you and your loved ones are eating?


Also, if you are interested in making the above dinner for yourself, here it is!

BBQ’d steak with peach salsa

The peach salsa was as follows, 3 roma tomatoes chopped with 1 green onion chopped and 1 very ripe peach chooped. Drizzled with lime, lemon and a dash of salt and pepper.

Steamed broccoli in a garlic and olive oil

Roasted red and sweet potatoes with garlic and sea salt.


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