Busy Lady Workout Plan

I don’t know about you, but I live a busy life. I live with and help care for my 87 year old grandmother, take care of a beautiful little 5 year old girl Mon – Fri, have a large family that can be demanding of my time (in a good way), am planning a wedding, and am in school full time. With all of that filling up my planner, it’s easy to not fit in a workout. Now that I’m engaged – and have a wedding dress hanging in my laundry room, working out is a bit more of a priority. So I made 2 little crafts to make things easier on myself. Enter workout sticks and my latest vision board.

I decided that I needed a bit of inspiration, so I grabbed some old magazines and pasted away on construction paper a few images that I found encouraging. And if you look at my “masterpiece” it really has a few different messages to it. Not only is working out a part of it, but also healthy foods that look wonderful, the message to make sleep a priority, a yummy cupcake because after all treats do in fact offer the balance of the enjoyment of life, and a few blog ideas.


I purposely displayed my board so that it would be in a place that would be most effective, which for me is over my desk. And so far, it is working!!! On the days in which I’m not feeling very inspired or motivated, I just go on over to my vision bored and really focus on the messages which my vision board portrays. Within 3 minutes, my shoes are tied and I’m ready to go!

Now that I’m so inspired, what do I do every day? I can be compulsive about planning, especial in terms of nutrition and fitness. And so that it doesn’t become an issue for me, I try not to get to carried away. In the past I have done specific plans such as P90X or a running plan, but I realized that with my busy schedule that probably wouldn’t work so well for me. So I decided that 3 days a week of cardio and 3 days a week of toning would be just fine for the rest of the summer.

That means, on Mon, Wed, & Fri I go for a 30 minute run/jogg with  5 minute spurts of cardio based calisthenics thrown in. How this works is that I simply run around my block which is .43 miles and then I do 6 exercises such as push ups, crunches, lunges, etc. Then I repeat the running and 6 exercises 2 more times.

So how about the other 3 days? Well friends, his is where my workout sticks come in hand. Now a days, exercise classes can be done SO easily in our own home. Whether workout video’s or youtube video’s 30 minutes of working out can be really fun and effective. So I made these…


Sorry for the blur – bat that says “30 Day Shred”. I went to the dollar store and bought some craft sticks, then I got out all of my workout videos as well as a list of videos I know of from places like you tube and started writing them down on these sticks. Before I knew it, I had over 40 sticks in a little cute bucket that I also bought from the dollar store. And now on Tues, Thur & Sat, all I have to do is pick a stick out and then do that workout for 30 minutes. And for me, this effortless way or choosing an activity that works my muscles is exactly hat I need to stay on track this summer all the while be productive in other areas of my life.

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