Meal Plan #1

I love and appreciate anyone and everyone who stops by this space and takes the time to read my thoughts, opinions, and exciting adventures. So I thought as a gift to you, today I would attach a few documents. Today for you, I have a one week meal plan, the recipes for the dishes in it, and a shopping list to go with it.

The meal plan is based on a weight watchers/diabetic living rubric and includes 5 small meals, lots of fresh produce, whole grains that digest slowly and lots of protein. I hope you enjoy this and can find it useful whether you follow it exactly or just find a few ideas from it.

Happy Eating and happy Monday!

Meal Plan Week 1

This Weeks Grocery List

Recipes – some of these recipes aren’t on the menu but will come in handy in the future for another post!

*This post is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. These menu’s and recipes are simple for anyone who is looking for an easy week in terms of cooking and planning*



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