Some MORE home-made health

When I was about 18, I started developing terrible migraines. I remember one night in which I vomited over 20 times because the pain was so bad. The next day, I woke with the feeling that I did an intense core workout the day before and new something had to change. First visit was to my doctor, who sent me to an eye doctor who sent me to a neurologist. I left his office with 2 scripts and best wishes.

Two months into taking these scripts (one was everyday to prevent and the other was for the on sight of a migraine) and I was experiencing a milk to medium headache everyday. And I hated taking these pills, so I new something needed to be done. That is when I turned to a chiropractor. And my goodness did it help. It was also unbelievably expensive too but it worked.

Looking back, now that I’ve had a little holistic medicine training, I wonder if my magnesium stores were not totally and completely depleted. Because at the time, I ate at the most 2 meals a day and ran for 18 per day. And the reason for this hunch is due to the fact that I only get headaches NOW if forget to get my magnesium fill for more than a week at a time.

I know a lot of people in our society take supplement in pill form but I struggle with that. Especially because I have food sensitivity, my intestines are not always in their best shape to break down and absorbed large doses of minerals and vitamins in pill form. So I often opt for a different form of supplementation.

Enter Magnesium Coconut Lotion. It’s amazing and I am a big believer that it has changed my life. I got the original recipe from a follow blogger named wellnessmama and make double batched of it once a month! This magnesium source get’s easily absorbed into the bloodstream when slathered on to your lower legs and feet. It you have little kids, you can easily use this on them right before bed so that you know it will have time to soak in before baths, playing in dirt or all the other things kids get into during the day. Also, did you know one of the main reason’s for morning sickness in pregnant women is magnesium deficiency?

So here it is.


So this is what you will need… a large pot, coconut oil, liquid magnesium OR powdered like I used, Shea butter, a mason jar, about 1 Cup boiling water and a large bowl. Oh, and a spoon.

First, we mix up the magnesium powder to liquid. And ll you do for that is measure out one 1/2 cup of magnesium powder and SLOWLY mix in 3-4 tbsp of boiling water.

Magnesium Powder/Flakes

Magnesium Powder/Flakes



There will be some slight bubbling at first but the it relaxes.

However, if you leave it to cool for long someplace that you aren’t paying very close attention to, you will look over 10 minutes later to find this.


So definitely use a large bowl because this stuck pretty well to my table and took some elbow grease to get it off.

<I apologize as this is where the pictures stop>

As you wait for the above to happen, take your pan and place it on the stove with about 2 inches of the pan’s bottom covered in water. Add 1.4 Cup coconut oil and 6 tbsp of Shea Butter to your mason jar. Place the jar in the pot of water and let the contents melts down. Mix everything together and then add to the magnesium liquid that was earlier made.

Allow this to cool in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes then take out and mix with a hand mixer.

Do this 2 more times.

Store in a container either in a bathroom/medicine cabinet OR keep in the refrigerator. Because coconut oil is a natural spf, this is wonderful as a cooling sun balm in the summer or as a sun burn relief application.

I love this lotion recipe and right after you first put it on it leaves your skin feeling like silk. That goes away as there is natural salts in the magnesium that can’t be absorbed into the body but that’s ok.

Try this recipe out if you are having a rainy Monday like me and let me know what you think!


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