Perfectly Imperfect

Much of wellness and health is mental. So much of our culture says that healthy is a size 4 jean and ageless beauty at 55. I disagree.

I have a scar right in the smack-dap middle of my forehead  chickenpox.

I have a crooked smile and a snaggle tooth on that side.

My shoulders are wider than my hips.

Most 12 year old children are taller than me.

My voice is high pitched, like VERY high pitched.

I carry about 80% of my weight in my mid section.

But guess what, those “flaws” don’t define me or my ability to have a purpose in this world.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel the pressure society puts on us, and its hard to shake that off. But today, remember that you have a purpose and the ability to make that purpose your reality. Ten pounds can’t stop you. Neither can a physical “flaw” you may have. You know what can though… Insecurity.

The most amazing thing to me about insecurity is that we all as individuals have the power to rid our lives of insecurity. In fact, no one can put us down or make us feel less than unless we allow it.

Health and fitness are wonderful things and can make our lives more enjoyable. But health isn’t only physical. Health is emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

Today, as you go about life making decisions to be healthy, don’t forget about the other kinds of health. if we can take care of ourselves in all areas, well we’ll do we’ll and be happy in all areas of life.



4 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. We are all made after God’s image, therefore we are all perfect in one way or another.

    I do agree with you though that it is sad to see how the world has defined what looks good and what doesn’t.

    Keep up the good work Leah and know you are touching people’s lives through your blog. I know I love reading it.

  2. Don’t you worry about what the world says, you are a beautiful girl with a passion for health.

    Today’s standards are ridiculous and no one looks good. I tell my two girls all the time that they aren’t allowed to listen to the world and its standards, we do not keep scales around the house and I encourage healthy eating as well as family walks and excercises but the word DIET is never to be used.
    They do not need that at ages 7 and 8.


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