Hairy Bananas

I’m not really a fan of bananas. It’s just my own personal opinion, but I think they are over rated. To me, they are to sweet, to mushy and to ripe about 90% of the time. But guess what… I have found a love for bananas. And I am one happy camper about it.

Getting back on track to our home-made health series, today I have 2 recommendations for your flowing locks and it involves getting in the kitchen and getting a bit dirty.

First off, I have to tell you that I come from a line of beauticians and have dabbled it in myself. So I’m a bit of a tough critic when it comes to hair products. But in the last year, I have ditched store bought conditioners of any kind and slathered on the coconut oil daily. Every time I wash my hair, I follow it up with conditioning with coconut oil and I wouldn’t go back for all the $ in the world. Actually, I probably would but that’s only because weddings cost so much money.

The other thing I have done is in thanks to pinterest and that is making a banana milkshake for my hair. Now like me tell you that I have long hair, like down half my back long. I only wash it every 2-3 days and try to where it naturally curling 2x a week to give it a break on the heated tools. So to help my hair stay moisturized I slather on a banana milkshake every other week-ish.

It’s actually pretty simple and you only need three ingredients! A masked ripe banana, 1 tbsp of honey and 1 cup of coconut milk. Mix those bad boys together and slather up! Leave on for about 25 minutes then wash hair and condition with coconut oil.

I’ve said it before and I will a million more times – I LOVE COCONUT OIL!!!!!!!!!

Give these few combinations a try and said goodbye to chemicals, expensive treatments and dry hair.


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