I don’t brush my teeth with toothpaste! I know gross right. Not really, in fact a lot of people are making the change. Despite your dentist’s wishes, more and more people in our culture have heard about the effects of fluoride and taken it upon themselves to do more research and finally take the plunge. And guess what, this toothpaste works! I have REVERSED 3 of my cavities by using this toothpaste instead of the kind you buy at the store that has so many ingredients in it, well you couldn’t read them if you wanted!

SO why don’t I like fluoride, where did I get this crazy information and how do I make my own toothpaste?

Dr. Weston A. Price (the old guy who is now dead that did all research on this stuff), was a dentist who found out that Fluoride is so bad for us. And as in bad, I mean it is poison to our bodies. Now don’t get upset at your current or previous Dentist’s… they don’t know this! Not because it’s like some crazy North Korean secret, but because our government made an oops back in the 60’s and paid schools (Dental schools) to change they curriculum so they wouldn’t have to pay $$$$$$$ in lawsuits to citizens.

Anyways, back to teeth! Old man Price was looking at the men who worked on the WWII bomb stuff (The Manhattan Project) and found out that these guys went into working on the project with beautiful healthy teeth. By the time they finished the project, they barely had any teeth. And what they did have were rotted out and useless. After a bit of digging around, Price found out that the toothless Magee’s had been working around TONS and I mean tons of Fluoride. Think a lab full of Fluoride!

Sure enough, after committing his life to Fluoride research, this DENTIST had tons of research to back of his theory that Fluoride actually breaks down our enamel.  He also found a couple other cools things.

1. Some of the food we eat have this acid in them called phytic acid… and this stops our bodies from remineralizing teeth.

– You know that commercial on tv about sensodine toothpaste? They say in it that once the enamal in our teeth is gown, that it can never be restored. Think about that for a minute… our teeth are made out of the same material our bones are made out of. When someone breaks a bone does the Dr. say to them “good luck in life because that’s never gonna be fixed”… Nope, he puts a cast on the bone and then 6 weeks later, tada! They get switch to a soft cast for 4 weeks tops and then go on with their lives.  So then shouldn’t teeth be the same? Let’s keep going!

Phytic Acid inhibits the digestion and proper use in our lymphatic system of minerals… causing our body to slow its ability to REMINERALIZE ourselves. Making sense yet? If we cut out the phytic acid or at least cut down on it, and then put the minerals needed to restore our teeth directly on them… well maybe we can actually see our dentist a little bit less and feel better about flashing our smiles when a camera is around!

2. Vitamin C counter acts Phytic Acid

– We live in a different world than Old man Price… ok no we don’t but he didn’t live in our time where fast food is on every corner and stress levels are beyond high and the best food for our bodies cost half of our pay check and the government has their hand a little deeper in our pocket and… well you get the point! So if we can’t cut out Phytic Acid completely, we can add in Vitamin C more often to counter act the effects.

So here is a three step solution to our toothy problems

First cut out or down on the following foods – they are rich in Phylic Acid

– Grain, Seeds, Nuts, Legumes

Second, when consuming the above foods, pair it with Vitamin C.

Third, brush your teeth after the above happens.

Forth… STOP using Fluoride and start putting minerals (the toothpaste recipe below – hint, hint… calcium and magnesium) on your teeth so they can do what they need to do. Just like every other part of our bodies, our mouths have good and bad bacteria in them. The extra chemicals and large doses of Fluoride in our toothpaste are killing both the good and the bad bacteria. Throughout the day when we eat something and can’t immediately brush our teeth, our mouths have no good bacteria in them to protect our teeth which causes a rapid and harmful growth cycle that ultimately is slowly but surely rotting our own teeth.

So here it is, Homemade Toothpaste!

This is the original recipe that I use from a website called


5 Parts Calcium/Magnesium Powder

– You can buy this powder or you can buy tablets, as in supplements/vitamin and then crush them up



I used tablets like the picture above, and beware it does take about 30-40 tablets

Time to grind/crush them up!


2 parts baking soda

– good old whatever you have in the refrigerator will work!


Sorry the quality of picture is so poor

3 parts Xylitol Powder

– This can also be bought at a health food store or vitamin shoppe type of place, all it does is add sweetness to the toothpaste, which you will want! It is a natural no calorie sweetener from a plant.

Ferndale-20130325-00011 (1)

3-5 parts Coconut Oil

– I used closer to 5 parts because in my last batch I used 3 and my toothpaste came out like powder and I would spill in on my clothes while brushing my teeth in the morning and then I have to change, but you can do whatever works for you!

Essential Oils

– I used this in my first batch but didn’t in my second. If you do use it, just add something like a peppermint or cinnamon for flavor. Adding drops is just trial and error. One batch you may do 5 and find that it isn’t enough and then in the next you 10 and hate it.

Mix and Mix and Mix

Mix and Mix and Mix

Mix up all the ingredients until it looks like this-ish!

Either put your toothpaste in a bag like below or store it in a container that has a lid.


Use anything around the house to keep as much air out as possible for best long term use. I use a bobby pin!


Still not sold on all of this crazy talk? Here’s more info on the topic!


4 thoughts on “Toothpaste-less

  1. What does it taste like?

    Does it take a while to get used to the change?

    I normally buy organic toothpaste from our local organic food store, it is called Herb Dent and it does not contain flouride.

    What’s amazing is that big name companies are offering organic toothpaste as an option in which they are flouride free, like Colgate and Aquafresh.
    Nothing like homemade though, knowing that you can trust your own self since you know whats in it.

    Thanks for the post and the great info.

    • That’s wonderful Jen. I haven’t had much luck in finding toothpaste that is organic, free of fluoride, and other yuck chemicals. Would you mind sharing the name of the paste you use? Also, this toothpaste I gave the recipe for, it doesn’t taste bad at all.

    • I kind of want to try the aquafresh but I believe it’s for kids only.

      Another great post Leah as usual and I thank you for the step by step directions. I will have to try this recipe out.
      How about adding some sort of a mint leaf and crush it to get that minty feel?

  2. I usually use Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste which is Zinc free and flouride free.

    The website is
    and the ingredients are:

    Calcium carbonate, glycerin, water, xylitol, hydrated silica, spearmint and peppermint oils, zinc citrate trihydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, carrageenan, sodium bicarbonate.

    Do you think I should try your method instead?

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